Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters #Giveaway

Prizing courtesy of 20th Century Fox. I received the same prize pack as a thank you for my time in posting.


A new chapter in the Percy Jackson series hit theaters August 7! Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters is sure to keep you on your toes like the first movie. The first movie in the series is one of our families favorite movies and we can’t wait to get to theaters this weekend to see the new movie. My kids love both the books and the movie, so I am 99% sure they will love the new one in movie series as well.

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters.jpg

Based on the publishing phenomenon, PERCY JACKSON: SEA OF MONSTERS continues the young demigod’s epic journey to fulfill his destiny. To save their world, Percy and his friends must find the fabled and powerfully magic Golden Fleece. Embarking on a treacherous odyssey into the uncharted waters of the Sea of Monsters (known to humans as the Bermuda Triangle), they battle terrifying creatures, an army of zombies, and the ultimate Evil.

Starring Logan Lerman, Brandon T. Jackson, Alexandra Daddario, Jake Abel, Douglas Smith, Stanley Tucci.

Check out these clips from the movie:

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I know I am looking forward to seeing the book come to life and have high hopes it will not disappoint. To celebrate the release of Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, 20th Century Fox has provided a giveaway for all you Percy Jackson Fans!

Percy Jackson Prize Pack

One winner will win a prize pack that includes: $25 Visa gift card to see the movie, The Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson & the Olympians) paperback book, and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters tote back and keychain. Definitely a perfect giveaway for the Percy Jackson fans!

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  1. 1

    I like Percy

  2. 2

    Percy Jackson is my favorite good guy.

  3. 3
    Mary Happymommy

    I like Annabeth.

  4. 4

    I like Annabeth Chase

  5. 5

    I haven’t read the book yet, from the trailer, I like Percy.

  6. 6

    My son said his favorite is Percy.

  7. 7

    My favorite is Percy

  8. 8

    Percy Is the definite good guy

  9. 9

    New to the series, have no idea 🙂

  10. 10

    Annabeth is my our favorite.

  11. 11
    Margaret Smith

    My favorite is Percy. Thanks so much.

  12. 12
    Starr Greenwell

    Percy of course

  13. 13

    I like Tyson.

  14. 14

    Percy is my favorite character.

  15. 15

    Percy for sure!

  16. 16

    I like Percy

  17. 17

    I haven\’t read the books, but I like Percy.

  18. 18

    I am not acquainted with the characters, so I’ll choose Percy.

  19. 19

    My favorite is Percy!

  20. 20

    Percy is our favorite.

  21. 21

    i love medusa

  22. 22

    My favorite Character is Annabeth

  23. 23

    I really like Annabeth!

  24. 24

    I like Percy.

  25. 25

    Percy of course 🙂

  26. 26
    Amanda Sakovitz

    My favorite is Percy

  27. 27


    kport207 at gmail dot com

  28. 28

    Good guy is Percy and bad guy/person I loved from first movie was Medusa!

  29. 29

    My favorite – Annabeth Chase.
    Thank you.

  30. 30

    I like Percy.

  31. 31

    I like Percy.

  32. 32

    My daughter likes Groover! Thank you!

  33. 33

    Our favorite character is Grover Underwood

  34. 34

    I haven’t seen or read any of the series yet, so no favorite character

  35. 35

    My favorite is Percy.

  36. 36

    I love Percy but my favorite is Grover.

  37. 37

    I like Annabeth.
    Thanks for the chance.

  38. 38

    I really like Annabeth in this series!

  39. 39

    Percy Jackson series are a fun way to learn about Greek mythology.

  40. 40

    Our favorite character is Grover.

  41. 41

    I have not seen the series yet, but the guy with the horns depicted in the movie clip looks interesting.

  42. 42

    Percy is my fav!

  43. 43

    Percy is my favorite character from the series.

  44. 44

    i think my favorite character will be hermes, like him in castle and also my favorite greek god.

  45. 45

    My favorite is Percy.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  46. 46

    I’d have to say Percy.

  47. 47

    My favorite character is Mr. D.

  48. 48

    My sons favorite character is Grover, I liked Annabeth, I love to see females portrayed as strong figures!

  49. 49

    Percy Jackson, of course

  50. 50

    I’m not very familiar with the stories, but I know our grandson likes Percy.

  51. 51

    I like Percy.

  52. 52

    Percy is our favorite.

  53. 53

    Not sure who my fave is – I haven’t read any of the books

  54. 54

    Percy, of course. loved the first movie.

  55. 55

    My favorite character is Grover, I love his “feet”. My son loves Percy. We love this series!

  56. 56

    My favorite is Percy.

  57. 57
    Melanie Montgomery

    He’s a bad guy, but I like Luke

  58. 58

    Percy Jackson is my favorite.

  59. 59
    Stephanie Larison

    Percy is the fave here

  60. 60

    Percy is my favorite.

  61. 61

    I like Percy

  62. 62

    My favorite character from the Percy Jackson series is Percy.

  63. 63

    I like Percy.
    Thanks for the contest.

  64. 64

    I like Percy Jackson

  65. 65

    My favorite character is Percy Jackson.

  66. 66

    Percy is my favorite character.

  67. 67

    percy is our favorite

  68. 68

    My favorite is Annabeth. Thanks.

  69. 69

    I like Percy 🙂

  70. 70

    Percy is my favorite character.

  71. 71

    We like Percy best.

  72. 72

    annabeth is our favorite!

  73. 73

    I <3 Percy Jackson

  74. 74

    I like Percy!

  75. 75

    i like percy jackson

  76. 76

    Percy is my favorite.

  77. 77

    I llike bad boys, so Luke is my fave! 🙂

  78. 78

    Percy is my favorite good guy.

  79. 79
    melissa Resnick

    i really like percy

  80. 80

    I like Grover Underwood.

  81. 81

    Our favorite character is Grover

  82. 82

    I like Percy himself

  83. 83

    percy is my absolute fav

  84. 84

    I like Annabelle

  85. 85

    the kids said percy

  86. 86

    My favorite character is Percy.

  87. 87

    I think Clarice (sp) is my daughter’s favorite.

  88. 88

    We like Grover
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  89. 89

    I like Annabeth Chase

  90. 90

    I like percy!

  91. 91
    Nicole Millheim

    Percy is my favorite

  92. 92

    Percy is my favorite character.

  93. 93

    Grover is my favorite

  94. 94

    Thanks for the giveaway… Annabeth Chase

  95. 95

    I like Annabeth Chase. She is a strong female lead, not the screaming and needy type.

  96. 96

    I think I have to go w/Percy!

  97. 97

    annabeth is my fave

  98. 98

    I haven’t read the books but I;ll say Percy

  99. 99

    my favorite is percy jackson!

  100. 100

    Don\’t have a favorite, good or bad, since have not yet watched or read any of the series.

  101. 101

    Percy is our favorite character.

  102. 102

    Got to be Percy.

  103. 103

    My favorite character is Grover.