Heaven Has a New Angel: RIP Patrick Swayze

Pactrick Swayze

There will be few people over the last generations that wouldn’t know who you were talking about when you say the name Patrick Swayze. Whether you remember him from the movie that shot him to Stardom, Dirty Dancing or the tear jerker Ghost, Patick Swayze has touched many generations. I remember my grandma and I sitting and watching the movie (when I was old enough of course) and how no matter the age gap between us we both loved watching this man in that movie.

Some may choose to remember Patrick as Johnny Castle, the heartthrob dance instructor from Dirty Dancing:

Dirty DancingWishing we were Jennifer Grey.  Wanting to be the one doing that beautiful dance at the end of Dirty Dancing and always remembering the one line that is still famous today “Nobody Puts Baby in a corner”.

Others may remember the character that was the exact opposite in Point Break:

Patrick Swayze: Point BreakA bank robbing surfer, that was always looking for the next thrill in life.  No matter what you think of when you hear the name Patrick Swayze one thing is for sure, he touched a generation with not only his acting skills and of course dance moves.  But he also showed what marriage is, that Hollywood does not have to mean failing marriages.  The one thing I think of when I think of him is the marriage he had to his childhood sweetheart.  I will think of his personality and the smile he had everytime you saw him.  The way he was able to do a very touching and heartfelt movie like Ghost and then make me laugh watching him prance around in Too Wong Fu.

He is one that will not soon be forgotten, he held his marriage dear (very rare in Hollywood) and had a love for so many things in life.  He will be remembered as an actor who could bridge the gap between generations and will be remembered forever by those generations.  In remembering him here are a few videos I love of Patrick Swayze.

First dancing with his wife in 1994 dancing at the World Music Awards:

Singing She’s Like the Wind:

And last but definitely not least his most memorable scene in my memory:

RIP Patrick Swayze. You touched so many lives and you will live on in their hearts. Keep Dancing!

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    my thoughts and prayers go out to his wife and family, he is one of my all time favorites a class act I could watch dirty dancing over and over, he will be missed.

  2. 2

    Patrick Swayze was one of my favorite actors. i always watch his last television series which is The Beast.