Outdoor Beach Movies Start Tonight on Navarre Beach #Travel

While the movies on the beach seem to have gotten a bit of a late start this year, tonight locals and tourists alike can enjoy a movie with their toes in the sand. What better way to start off the fun in the sand, than with the film that was shot right here on Navarre Beach…

The free movie night will take place at Navarre Pier. Grab the kids (unless shark movies scare them, especially if you are not a local and it may keep them from the water for the rest of your vacation) and enjoy a night of family fun. Bring blankets, chairs, a cooler with snacks and enjoy Jaws 2. The show will begin after sunset (usually around the 8:30 p.m. time frame) in the sandy area next to Navarre Pier. Lagerheads (the restaurant on the pier) will have beef specials.

Because this movie was filmed, right here in Navarre Beach, it’s a favorite of ours. There is just something about seeing the waters you swim in on the big screen that make it more fun to watch.

Here is a bit of history about Jaws 2:

The majority of Jaws 2 was shot at Navarre Beach in Florida. Th warm weather and the water being the perfect depth for the shark platform made it ideal. They were at the location from August 1 to December 22, 1977. It helped to boost local economy because local boaters, extras and stand-ins and doubles were hired for Jaws 2. Because Universal brought in actors, directors, producers and their spouses, camera and crew people who needed housing, good eats, and clothing for the movie services was necessary. The old Holiday Inn on Navarre Beach (and one of my favorite places to go, growing up) played home to the film’s headquarters.

I am super excited for the summer movies on the beach to start. I hope to see a lot of locals and tourists, alike, out there for the film fun. Get ready to enjoy movies by the beach at the Navarre Beach Pier and make some fun summer memories

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    Please enforce no smoking policy on Navarre beaches. .Several people are puffing away

    • 2

      I agree I wish they would. Unfortunately, it’s not something the powers that be have mandated at any of the beaches around here. I wish they would all be no smoking!