Open Season

Nope not talking about the movie, today was opening day for turkey season. Those who know me well know that I married a hunting man. Now this is not my can of beans but he loves it so I get excited for him. I have heard about it for the last few weeks how excited he is. He reminded me of a kid waiting for Christmas to approach.

The preparations began last night when he got all his hunting stuff out of the garage. All the camo clothes in tow he gets all his gear together. He has his camo undershirt, camo long sleeved shirt, camo pants, camo boots, even his camo face mask. He gets his turkey caller, a rice krispie treat, and a piece of beef jerky in a small suitcase to take with him. Last but not least his shotgun and shells. So he is ready and finally lays in bed about 11:30.

4:00 a.m. this morning I am sleeping soundly and then I hear bzz, bzz, bzz and instead of the alarm being turned off right away it goes on for at least 10 minutes. By this time I am wide awake and dh is barely poking around. Finally he gets up, dressed and out the door, while I have lost all hope of falling back asleep. I piddle around then go to my room and watch Georgia Rules (very good movie by the way)and doze off finally for a bit.

The rest of the day goes by normally, meaning me being lazy watching Melrose Place and 90210 reruns. About 3:00 p.m. I get a call from Brent saying he needs us to come meet him and pick him up because he got a flat tire on the van and the spare is flat as well (now this is not good b/c the reason he took the van is because he has a bad tire on the car). So the kids and I load up and go meet him, then we head to Sam’s Club to get the tires on the car changed and the new tire for the van. Well 2.5 hours and 300.00 dollars later we are headed back to the van to put the new tire on.

Finally after all that we head home and get home about 7:00. So that by far was the most expensive hunting trip I think Brent has had since we have been together and he has decided he does not want to go tomorrow or Monday so he doesn’t end up doing something to our vehicles again. What a day!

Oh and to top it off the little girl from next door rang the doorbell and when Brent answered she asked him if his mom was here (meaning me). Next on my to do list…plastic surgery

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