Homemade Ice Cream Couldn’t Be Easier. NewAir AIC-210 Ice Cream Maker Review.

As the holidays approach so do the pies, cookies, brownies, you know the yummy goodies. One of the compliments to those goodies mentioned for me is ice cream. I usually just head to the store and pick up a pint, gallon, whatever size I think I need at the time. In fact it’s rare that you don’t find ice cream in our freezer, my daughter inherited the ice cream loving gene from me. One thing we have never done, but that we have always talked about and wanted to do, is make our own ice cream. That’s changing thanks to the NewAir AIC-210 Ice Cream Maker.

The NewAir AIC-210 Ice Cream Maker, has made my family realize making ice cream is simple.  I think that is one of the reasons why we hesitated trying it until now.  Not to mention, it makes ice cream in such a quick time waiting isn’t too bad.  If you are a mom you know the importance of being able to get a treat to waiting kids quickly.  I was very pleased with the feature of the removable “bowl” which made cleaning super easy when I finished making the ice cream. Wait, Wait I am getting to the end before I’ve even shared the ice cream I made.

I grabbed up my ingredients. The only work I had to do outside of actually measuring and pouring was mix the sugar and milk together with a hand blender, after that it was pour ingredients together, stir and pour into the ice cream maker.  Simple enough that even my tween could have done this with no help.

You see 5 ingredients there but that is because I thought I was going to add cookies to make cookies and cream, then completely forgot to add the cookies the last 5 minutes.  All you need for a base ice cream of vanilla is 4 ingredients…milk, sugar, heavy cream and vanilla.  Who new ice cream could be so free of additives and easy to make!  Well unless you, like me,  are going to add cookies.   After mixing the ingredients together I simply poured into the maker through the pour spout and set the timer for 60 minutes.

After the hour I ran calmly made my way to the kitchen to see the finished product.  Simple as removing the bowl and scooping out, the ice cream was ready to be enjoyed.  All I can say is “HOLY GOODNESS THIS ICE CREAM WAS DELICIOUS!”

As I mentioned I was en route to make cookies n cream but forgot, however that would have been just as easy. To do that you coarsely chop the cookies and add them the last 5 minutes of the process.  In this maker you can make ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet and even gelato.  I can’t tell you how soon I want to make myself a quart of raspberry sorbet.  I just have to find the recipe and it will be made!  I love that I could have ice cream in an hour with less ingredients than some store bought brands.  I also venture to say if you want organic ingredients you could use them just the same (don’t take my word on that being 100% right because I didn’t try it yet)!

I am very pleased with the ease of use and how quiet the machine was when making the ice cream.  Not to mention the time in which it was finished. This is definitely a great gift idea now or anytime of the year for anyone who likes a sweet treat now and again.  They are available for $199!  Don’t forget to check out the other ice cream makers Air-N-Water has available in case this one doesn’t fit your need.

Disclosure: Product featured was sent to me for sole purpose of review.  Reception of product does not influence my opinion of a product and opinions are always mine and 100% honest.  No monetary compensation was received for this post.  I do not take product reviews unless I feel I will be able to stand behind the product itself.  For more information please read my disclosure policies.

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    Yum. You had me at ice cream. 🙂 I’ve been looking for a good ice cream maker. This one seems to have good features and is easy to use. Thanks for sharing.

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    oh my gosh! i SO want one of these for Christmas! i would need the cookies in mine too 🙂

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    I woud love to own an ice cream maker. Thank you for the review!