Do You Have A Need For Speed? I DO!!! #NSFMovie #Disney

Need For Speed

Or maybe it’s the hot guys and fast cars…either way I am DEFINITELY heading to the theaters when Need For Speed comes out.

Need For Speed Guys

DreamWorks Pictures’ “Need for Speed” marks an exciting return to the great car culture films of the 1960s and ’70s, when the authenticity of the world brought a new level of intensity to the action on-screen. Tapping into what makes the American myth of the open road so appealing, the story chronicles a near-impossible cross-country journey for our heroes — one that begins as a mission for revenge, but proves to be one of redemption. Based on the most successful racing video game franchise ever with over 140 million copies sold, “Need for Speed” captures the freedom and excitement of the game in a real-world setting, while bringing to life the passion for the road that has made our love of cars so timeless.

The film centers around Tobey Marshall (Aaron Paul), a blue-collar mechanic who races muscle cars on the side in an unsanctioned street-racing circuit. Struggling to keep his family-owned garage afloat, he reluctantly partners with the wealthy and arrogant ex-NASCAR driver Dino Brewster (Dominic Cooper). But just as a major sale to car broker Julia Maddon (Imogen Poots) looks like it will save Tobey’s shop, a disastrous race allows Dino to frame Tobey for a crime he didn’t commit, and sending Tobey to prison while Dino expands his business out West.

Two years later, Tobey is released and set on revenge — but he knows his only chance to take down his rival Dino is to defeat him in the high-stakes race known as De Leon — the Super Bowl of underground racing. However to get there in time, Tobey will have to run a high-octane, action-packed gauntlet that includes dodging pursuing cops coast-to-coast as well as contending with a dangerous bounty Dino has put out on his car. With the help of his loyal crew and the surprisingly resourceful Julia, Tobey defies odds at every turn and proves that even in the flashy world of exotic supercars, the underdog can still finish first.

How exciting does that sound? I figure it’s going to be a fly by the seat of your pants kind of movie. Now, tell me, who wants to go to “Driving School”


WOOO HOOOOOO!!!! Take some time to “Meet The Guys”…I’ll totally jump in for a ride!!

Actually I’d just rather drive myself, thank you very much!

Fast Car

And I can’t forget to pick up my bestie for a ride!!

Fast Car 2

No matter if you like cute boys, fast cars, or just a movie full of action, you will want to head to theaters to see “Need For Speed”! I have a feeling it’s going to be a great movie! Don’t believe me? Watch the trailer:

One week from this Friday, on March 14, Need For Speed, will hit theaters! So get ready for the ride of your life…and until then be sure to connect with Need For Speed all over the social networking world!

Will you be going to see Need For Speed in theaters??

**Photos courtesy of Disney, I edited myself in of course**

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  1. 1

    I am super excited for this movie. I have been hearing about it for a while now & I am dying to see it.

  2. 2

    My husband and boys will love this movie!

  3. 3

    I have heard about the movie and can’t wait to see it. I have been so spoiled by The fast and Furious franchise I am going to find it hard to give my loyalty to something else lol

  4. 4

    I. Can. Not. Wait. To. See. This.!!! I love your pics in the car. too cute!!

  5. 5

    I am dying laughing at the pics of you and your bff in the car. those are fabulous!

  6. 6

    LOL I love your photoshopped pic! We can’t wait to see this movie, especially my husband!

  7. 7

    Aaron Paul…just love him! Need to see this movie!

  8. 8

    1) I do want to see this movie and 2) hot pics! I hope we can see this film soon, such a great adrenaline rush sort of film or so it sounds.

  9. 9

    I have seen a few previews for this one and it looks awesome! My daughter is really getting into cars, so I think I might take her for her birthday next month!

  10. 10

    Haha, nice car 😉 I actually want to see this movie! I asked my husband if this was a remake, because the title sounded familiar. Of course, it’s a game we used to play! =P

  11. 12

    We don’t see too many movies in the theaters. Hubby might love this, I enjoyed similar movies in the past, looks like a fun movie. PS love your sweet ride.

  12. 13

    I love fast cars and cute guys. I’ll have to check this movie out.

  13. 14

    The Need For Speed looks like an exciting movie! Those drivers are amazing I can’t imagine driving like that. Looks like great fun

  14. 15

    Aaron Paul, awesome! I’m such a fan of his now!

  15. 16

    What a fun movie, totally something my husband would like. Love your picture in the car of your dreams!

  16. 17

    I can’t wait to see this! The main character played on Breaking Bad… love him!! 🙂

  17. 18

    buwhahaha, I love the photoshop. And of course you have to take a friend, lol. 🙂 I’d like to see the movie.

  18. 19

    My husband and sons would love this movie. I’m not as much of a car person.

  19. 20

    This will be a movie I wait to see after it is out on Bluray or Netflix. Too many other good movies coming out. We have to pay a babysitter and I just think I will wait on this one. Love the photoshopped pic LOL

  20. 21

    I don’t ordinarily like action movies but this one looks really good. And I like Aaron Paul too so that doesn’t hurt 🙂

  21. 22

    I saw a preview of NFS a couple weeks ago. There really is some crazy fast and wild driving!!

  22. 23

    haha I love your images of you in the car! Very cute!

  23. 24

    LOL!!! Love you and your bestie in your fast car. My husband is dying to see this movie. Can’t wait!

  24. 25

    I’ve played the Need for Speed games from the very first game to the latest game. I can’t wait to go see this in theaters and see them put faces to the faceless.

  25. 26

    That photo with your face in it is so fun. Dont we all wish we could drive these fast cars?! I will be checking out the move when it releases in theaters. It’s seems action packed

  26. 27

    I love Aaron Paul! I just saw a commercial for this movie last night – and my son asked if he could see it. He’s only six so I don’t think I’ll be taking him, but I’ll have to do a field trip and see if myself to make sure!

  27. 28

    That car is awesome. I need to add my picture so I can go for a ride too.

  28. 29

    Nice car! 🙂

    My husband’s birthday is the Monday after this movie comes out, so we will probably be going to see it as part of his celebration. He loves anything to do with going very fast and cars, so I’m sure he will love it.

  29. 30

    We cant wait to see Need for Speed! It looks action packed.

  30. 31

    Hot guys is right, WOO WEE!! I can definitely see myself tagging along with hubs to see this film.

  31. 32

    I don’t have a need for speed but I can relate to all the action in this movie and how exciting it can be.. Plus, my man Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad is in it.

  32. 33

    Lol — that pic of you and Melissa is cute. 🙂

  33. 34

    I so can’t wait for this movie to come out!

  34. 35

    I’m not sure I will go see this but I think ,my husband and son would like it..

  35. 36

    Too hilarious how you photoshopped the two of you in that slick ride…lol

  36. 37

    I’ve heard a lot about this movie and will probably catch it on DVD.

  37. 38

    This is going to be one hot movie, in more ways than one.

  38. 39

    I’m sure we’ll be seeing this soon. My husband would love the cars and I’ll enjoy the view. 😉

  39. 40

    I think my husband will really enjoy this movie. It’s not typically something I’d choose to see myself though.

  40. 41

    Wow, the 14th is coming up quick. I think we ‘need to speed’ over to get some movie tickets 🙂

  41. 42

    I can’t wait to see this movie! It looks like it’s going to be great.

  42. 43

    I haven’t seen this movie yet and I guess it will be a while before I do. Is it as good as you were hoping for?

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