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Summer travel with friends and/or family is something many people look forward to all year with great anticipation. Wherever you go, whether it’s simply to the next town over or abroad, there is plenty of fun and excitement to have. Modern technological smartphone and tablet advances have made traveling to your destination almost as much fun as the time spent upon your arrival. They can also help with challenges such as keeping your items charged and ready to go, as well as free from dirt and debris. Here are some great new must have accessories that can help you and your fellow passengers make the most of your vacation.

Screen Cleaning Solution

Tablets and smartphones are definitely on of the summer travel, must have accessories, and because they go wherever you go and because of this, they get dirty. The bacteria that collects on the screens can easily lead to infection and sickness being spread from one person to another – and it’s no fun being sick on vacation. Experts recommend cleaning screens regularly, in addition to your regular hand washing routine. It’s tempting to use a cleaning method you use for other things that get dirty, but be careful – touch screens should not be washed with soap and water that can easily leak into cracks and cause damage. Instead, choose a formula developed specifically for the unique characteristics of smart device screens. Some products even come in a no-drip gel format that prevents oozing and getting into places where it shouldn’t. All products should get eliminate fingerprints, smudges, and other gunk to make your screen look as shiny and new as the day you brought it home.

Mobile Power Chargers

Being left without power on your smartphone or tablet is a common situation that is annoying at best, potentially dangerous at worst. Luckily product developers have created several solutions that can help get you out of this tricky jam. Depending on your power needs and desires, as well as your size requirements, you’re sure to find the right product for you. One tiny portable charger is decent for getting a 10% charge on a smartphone – relatively minimal, but could be exactly what you need in a bind. There’s also a credit card sized charger that can give you five plus hours of mobile power any time you need it. High quality items may feature charging indicator lights so you know they’re working, and get results even faster than a standard USB power source.

Noise Isolating Headphones

Headphone types abound for the devoted music listener and the choices can be overwhelming. Noise isolating types, whether they’re in-ear or on-ear, are created to muffle the surrounding sound and optimize your listening experience. Some versions will block ambient noise as well. If you have this goal in mind it’s important to get in-ear headphones that fit you well and give you the best seal possible. If you buy a pair of in-ear devices that you like, but you aren’t thrilled about the tips, explore some aftermarket tips to alter them. You can get different materials such as rubber or foam, as well as a variety of shapes (conical, round, etc.) in order to increase customization.

Device Sharing

Watching a movie or playing a game on your tablet or smartphone is fun, and can be even more enjoyable when you do it with someone else. Luckily developers have responded to this need and created products that enable you to link headphones and use an entertainment gadget collaboratively. Watch a movie together on an iPad, or play a game against your travel buddy while rocking out to the same tunes. It’s an easy way to make tablet and smartphone usage a little more social than before.

Whatever devices you choose to bring along on your trip, there are products today that can make any trip a little easier and more fun for everyone. Choose the right ones for you and your fellow travelers and get started on the road to adventure.

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