Music To A Mother’s Ears…Bragging In A Blog Post

Well as if I actually NEEDED a reason to brag in a blog post, I am a mom blogger after all, that means bragging comes naturally. I have to say all my kids get rave reviews of how well they behave at school. Which is funny because that persona must come on when school starts and stays behind in the building when they leave with how they sometimes act at home. It’s a mystery I am trying to solve. Kind of like the bermuda triangle but instead of them being lost it’s that sweet, good child they are in school. Anyhoo, that is not what today is about today is about bragging and brag I shall.

I walked in with my daughter to her class this morning, my son has nothing to do with me when we hit school grounds after the first week…sigh. Her teacher…

Side Note: I am totally buying Bella an Auburn shirt or something because her teacher is my football foe…an ALABAMA fan sigh. She and my grandma would get along famously. It’s all good though she is a hoot and I have a feeling football season is going to be extra fun this year!

Back to the story, her teacher says hello to me and as I turn to walk off she goes “Hey I just want to let you know she is SOOOOOOO good. I just love her.” Me “Thank You, I am so glad she is good for you“. Teacher “And she is SO SMART, did you know how smart she is. This little girl is so smart, I mean really smart. She just took off and shows no signs of stopping“(knock on wood).

I have always said by far, Bella is my hardest. I think it has something to do with being a girl AND the baby. I always worried when she started school last year how it would turn out. I mean was she going to give her teachers a hard time like she does me at home?Was she going to be mouthy and stubborn? My fears were not warranted, she was the perfect student. Great for the teachers, making friends with everyone, the all american little girl. A huge sigh of relief could be heard from me I am sure.

She struggled at the beginning of last year with some things and so they added a bit into her schedule of extra time in reading.  By half way through the year she was soaring with no help and was above grade level.  So to hear her teacher say how smart she is just made my day, I actually think I choked up a little bit.  You always worry about how your child will do in school, or at least I do.  So those words were like music to my ears.

So here’s to her and my boys having a great school year!  Here’s to me enjoying a much needed glass of sweet tea to celebrate.  Yes those words her teacher spoke made me such a proud momma!  She’s a ham, she’s a handful but she’s the little perfect student both intellectually and socially and that just makes me smile.  Now let’s hope I didn’t just jinx everything by writing this post LOL.

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    You’re a BAMA fan? Texas is my alma mater! Yikes! 🙂 But I do love your idea of dressing the little ones in rival colors! I’ll be copying this!