Moving Is Making Me A Wee Bit Crazy

Well not that I didn’t have a little bit of insanity already but moving I think is making me even more crazy.  I know I know you think that’s not possible (totally almost typed pissable right then).  But I assure you it is.  I pack and pack and pack and pack then turn around and it looks as if nothing has been packed at all.  How in the world does that happen.

I kid you not I probably have 40 boxes packed and to me my house still looks full of crap.  My husband says he can see everything I have packed so at least one of us can right.  Granted the stuff I am seeing is furniture, televisions, toys left out for the kids to entertain themselves with and a TON OF yard sale stuff so hopefully once that is all gone after my yard sale and the last minute packed things it will look better.

I can’t remember during the days if I have eaten or not.  My head is constantly pounding.  Caffeine is my drug of choice, it’s what keeps me going.  I think had I been a wee bit smarter I would have taken this week off.  So I could regroup before my yard sale on Wed & Thur.  But as I noted common sense seems to be escaping me as I frantically try to remember which bills I have called to turn off, trying to remember that I need to go by the kids school to pick up papers, need to mail stuff.  Trying to find a storage unit in Florida, looking for a place to rent if we have to at first while searching also for somewhere to buy.  AHHHHH! I don’t remember moving being this stressful before.

So now I am asking all you lovely readers and friends out there, what are some sanity savers you can suggest during this insane time of my life when I really have no extra time?  On the plus side moving back home to Florida is just around the corner (9 days to be exact) so that is making me excited.

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