Black Friday, Mission Accomplished (and a poem)

Yep, I was one of the crazies this year. I always vowed not to get up before daylight to go to the store where they are having all the great sales. Usually, I casually stroll in around 10 a.m and pick through and find what I need. However this year, the thrill overtook me LOL.

I tossed and turned all night in anticipation. Though it wasn’t too bad, I made a poem about how most shoppers feel about today. Here it is

On Thanksgiving Day
I sit and wonder
“Black Friday sales,
should I?” I ponder

I will brave the crowd
They won’t be tame
But I just can’t risk
Missing out on that game

There are toy cars and dolls
Guitar hero 1, 2, and 3
Play tents with sleeping bags
All waiting for me

A new memory card
A Ligtening McQueen
Transformers, Hotwheels
and dolls can be seen

Sales, doorbusters
and so much more
If you really want something
be there by 4

As 5 a.m. arrives
the crowds start to rush
I can see at that moment
Even a lady must push

Be there early
or you’ll miss the good deals
The hardcore shoppers
will  pack a small meal

Only once a year
does this insane day come
Drink lots of caffiene
and get ready for fun

Grab this and grab that
Wait we need this as well
Black friday for people
is known as shopping day hell

Okay so my day was great, I am almost done shopping with just the stuff I got today.  I just have to get the two big things (and those will be closer to Christmas b/c I don’t know where to hide them). I had a blast, but now I am pooped. My adrenaline is gone, and I need a nap, but, unfortunately, the kids are running at full steam today. Cheers to Black Friday and all the fun it entails.

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  1. 1

    that’s such an awesome poem!!! ~Jesscia

  2. 2

    Love it!!! It was exciting wasn’t it!!
    I gotta post my funny stories…there are quite a few 🙂

    Love your looks great!!


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