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Fix Your Bad Hair Day Troubles

It’s every girl’s nightmare to wake up in the morning when your alarm didn’t go off, you’re running late, and to top it all off, you are having a bad hair day. You have a few options: cry and fall back into bed under the blanket, attempt to fool everyone and wear a hat to hide your hair, or take our suggestion, and take a few minutes to do something to fix it.

This is the time where girls everywhere are supposed to pull out their flat irons and turn them on. In approximately thirty seconds, it will heat up and then in just a few more minutes you can straighten away your bad hair day blues. Using a flat iron can be very simple. It takes only minutes to achieve a hairstyle that doesn’t require a hat. You can shave off even more time by just going over the top layer of your hair. That way, you can appear perfectly polished, even when you don’t have the time.

If you don’t already own a flat iron, there are a few we recommend:

One of the most well known lines of hair styling tools out there is the CHI brand. Buying a CHI flat iron or one of their other hair products is a popular option because of the technology that they use. Their straighteners use Far Infra Red, which heats the hair from the inside out and penetrates deeper for better results. CHI has a wide variety of flat irons to choose from. They have ceramic irons to provide the most consistent heat, ionic irons to seal in moisture, and far infrared irons to reduce static and frizz. These are all offered in a variety of sizes as well.

Using products that stylists recommend is always a good option, which is why an HAI flat iron is a good direction to go in as well. HAI – Hair, Art and Information – products are made and used by stylists all over. They offer rapid heating so that you can reach your desired setting in less than 25 seconds after turning the tool on. Their flat irons use infra-red heat, but keep their plates covered in order to prolong the color and style in your hair.

The company GHD is another brand with a great reputation for hair products. GHD flat irons are offered in a variety of styles to match specific types of hair. Try the IV Mini Styler for shorter hair or the IV Salon Styler for thicker hair. You can also choose one of their options such as the IV Styler, which is great for all styles of hair. Choose the right one for you and start styling. One of the best features of this brand is that their appliances come with a “sleep mode”. You’ll never have to feel that pang of worry if you forget to turn off your straightener because they automatically turn off after 30 minutes if left unattended. An added bonus with buying a GHD flat iron is that you’ll receive some of their hair products for free along with your purchase.

Purchasing a T3 tourmaline flat iron is another option we recommend. Their products are made with crushed tourmaline jewels and they pride themselves on using the most up to date technology available. Their Duality Tourmaline Irons are great for any type of hair, lock in moisture and add shine all while straightening. They also offer a line of Wet or Dry Tourmaline Irons, which allow you to dry and straighten all in one step. They have moisture evaporation vents that allow the water to evaporate while being simultaneously straightened. Their website even offers styling tips on using their products.

If you don’t feel like using a flat iron, a hair dryer is another quick and simple option. If you wake up with your locks looking limp, just flip your head over and blast with your hair dryer. You’ll give yourself instant volume. You can get away with just styling the top layer of your hair with the hair dryer as well. Just use a spray bottle to wet the top layer and then use a round brush to blow dry.

A great option to purchase is a Super Solano hair dryer. Solano International prides themselves on the power of their products. Their high quality motors, far infrared heat and silver nanotechnology are just a few ways they make their hairdryers stand out amongst the competition.

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