Minecraft Xbox One Console and More Gifts Available at Best Buy

It’s the last minute scramble for gift buying as we gear up for the holiday fun! If you have a Minecraft fan you are still shopping for, look no further than Best Buy. Best Buy has a great assortment of products that are sure to bring a smile to their face!  My kids LOVE Minecraft and anything to do it, every year they have gotten something Minecraft as part of their Christmas present! That’s why I like that Best Buy is adding more options for us to choose from.

Whether it’s the Minecraft Xbox One console, additional Minecraft Games, and even Minecraft toys for them to get off the computer but still stay in Minecraft mode, Best Buy offers an assortment of plenty of games and collectibles.

If you haven’t heard about Minecraft, it’s all about placing blocks and going on adventures. They get to get creative as they build their worlds. I have seen my kid’s creativity come out when they play. Whether it’s a simple home or a castle, they get to use their imaginations to create fun worlds.

They can keep it simple or play in Creative Mode with unlimited resources. They can mine deep in Survival Mode to craft weapons and armor to fend off the dangers (don’t worry, nothing too scary the game is very family friendly). Even better is they can do this alone if friends aren’t available to play. Or when friends are they can join to have a fun gaming afternoon.

Of course, mine always like to continue play after they get off the computer, so they have gotten little figures, swords, axes and more to bring the game to life. It’s so much fun to watch them play and pretend (which is perfect for keeping that imaginative play intact that sometimes tends to fall away as they grow older)

So, if you have someone, you are buying for who is a Minecraft beginner or someone who has been playing for years be sure to check Best Buy for plenty of Minecraft products!

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