Get Excited About Laundry with The Front Load LG

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Okay, let’s face it, laundry isn’t something many people enjoy doing. If it were up to me, I would just buy new clothes over doing laundry. Unfortunately, I don’t have unlimited means, so that’s not a possibility. However, I can get a little excited about doing laundry when I have a great brand, and amazing technology like you can get in the LG Front Load Washer with the optional sidekick addition.

The cool thing about the sidekick addition is that it provides additional capacity for washing two loads at once. Right now when you purchase an LG Front Load washer with the sidekick, you can save $150.

In addition to the sleek look, your laundry room will gain there are extra benefits to purchasing an LG Front Load washer from Best Buy!

  • Cleaning and convenience.
  • Cleaning performance within the front load is better than top load washers.
  • They typically use less water
  • They also typically consume less electricity.
  • Because front load washers spin faster, they help keep clothes drier to reduce overall drying time (let’s go back to that energy conservation point).
  • They have the best cleaning performance
  • They are more gentle on clothes, so they last longer (another money saving point).

Don’t worry about not knowing how to operate one of these beauties because the blue shirts at Best Buy will help you figure out which is best for you and how to make it work. Don’t forget to take them up on their delivery option if available in your area; it’s so much better than having to load and unload it yourself!

Best Buy has so many options for you when it comes to LG Front Load washer. So, whether you just need to upgrade or maybe you are remodeling and want to change out your laundry room look. No matter what the reason, now is a great time to pick up the LG front load washers with the sidekick addition at Best Buy.

Are you ready to upgrade to the LG Front Load Washer?

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