Last minute…

“the time just preceding a deadline or when some decisive action must be taken”

Yes this is the lovely way to describe the game Gabriel has tonight. He had a game on Wednesday night and I am still trying to figure out why they let it go on as long as it did, we watched it lightening 5 different times when the first team was up to bat. Well after that they finally decided “I guess lightening, kids, in a metal fenced field, holding metal bats” may not be the brightest idea. So I get an email saying the game won’t be rescheduled for this weekend (this is our one game free weekend) so I am happy that I get to relax without worrying about making sure the uniform is just perfect for Gabriel play ball.

So but what should happen just about 2 hours ago, I get a phone call from the coach saying they last minute rescheduled the game for tonight at 7:15. So as if tracking down all the uniform pieces is not hassle enough, tonight, I will get to load up a 2 and 4 year old to go watch Gabriel, well I guess the better description would be I will get to chase a 2 and 4 year old while trying to catch a glimpse of Gabriel. Why do you ask will I be chasing 2 little ones that’s because this lovely game is scheduled on the night my husband has his Bible course. It couldn’t fall on the weekend or another night that Brent had off, that would mean the cards were in my favor. So unfortunately this time it looks like the house will win because I will have to take the 2 little ones, who are angels yes but don’t like to sit still and freeze because it is very cold here today.

So think of me this evening as I am shivering, trying to watch my oldest hit a home run, chasing 2 little ones so they don’t run into the parking lot.

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