Klout…You Are One Crazy Beast

kloutI have spent some wasted time trying to figure out why Klout has picked the topics they did and saying that’s what I am influential about.  Now not that they were bad, I was probably influential in Arkansas but have not really been so for about 10 months according to my brain.  I have the norm like parenting, blogging, moms…which by the way I am flattered to be influential in moms. Now what I am influential about in moms remains to be seen.

So today as I went to give a friend the +K they asked for I decided to see if my topics had changed and while the main ones were still the same this is what I saw…





Ides of March…HUH?

Being as I have no idea what the heck Ides of March are, I head over to my BFF Google and search.  I found out it’s the name of March 15 in the Roman Calendar (could this mean I am becoming influential in something Italy related, being 1/2 Italian kinda cool).  However, according to wikipedia, in modern days it’s more known for being the day Julius Ceasar was killed.  Well that’s just awesome.  I’m influential about a day some guy from history was killed..okay yes I know he isn’t just some guy but you get my drift.  Although he was Roman and that is part of my Italian blood so maybe it’s Klout’s round about way of saying I am influential about Italians, Italy or something of the like.

Although upon further searching I did find out there is going to be a movie starring some hotties amazing actors such as George Clooney, Ryan Gosling along with Marisa Tomei, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Evan Rachel Wood.  It’s a political based film, those always make for something good to watch.  So I learned all about Ides of March the movie.  Maybe this is God telling me I am going to get to attend the Red Carpet Premier of the movie when it’s released LOL.  We’ll go with that!  You never know…stranger things have happened, like me being influential in Ides of March.

But since I am influential about it, go ahead and check out the trailer:

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    I have certainly not figured out the whole Klout thing LOL.. My score keeps going up so I guess that is a good thing 😉

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