It’s MY MacBook & I’ll Cry If I Want To

My baby, my little tiny MacBook quit working yesterday. Okay that’s not necessarily true, it comes on but never gets past the little screen with the apple when starting up. I am so sad, so it’s at the Mac doctor today. I know they can fix it but I am hoping beyond hope that even if they have to replace the hard drive they can get all my pictures from the last year and my iTunes music/apps/movies at least so I don’t have to start all over and lose all that.


It all happened yesterday and yes in fact I did cry. Now to top it off today, I can’t get into my email account that goes with this blog. AND…it’s that time of the month..yes I went there. So chalk it all up to let’s see how sucky we can get before it gets better in Toni’s week. But next week it should get better right.

Now someone please tell me that they will be able to save all my stuff on my MacBook. SIGH.  This is definitely not a Positively Positive post.

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    Hugs. My computer is acting up to…and I’m prolonging sending it in for work. It’s just TOO hard to be with out a computer in this day and age!

  2. 3

    You’re right, that does suck! I’m sure they’ll save it! Hopefully, you wrote all of your rockin’ raps somewhere else.

    Winks & Smiles,
    .-= Wifey´s last blog ..Wifey Strikes Again =-.

  3. 4
    Lauralee Hensley :

    I sent up a little prayer that your computer info will be saved,
    so you don’t have to start all over.
    I’m sure your next week will be like a big hooray,
    just start concentrating on something fun,
    like little green four leafed clovers,
    chocolates by Russell Stovers,
    or the beautiful cliffs of Dover,
    to take your mind off that unhappy WAHHHHH yesterday.

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