It’s My Blog and I’ll Complain If I Want Too!

ComplainingSo your post title is the disclaimer, if you don’t want to hear whining, complaining and pouting you may as well leave now.  I feel the need to vent and since this is my blog I can…

Let me begin by saying I AM EXHAUSTED.  I work until 12:30 a.m. 5 nights a week outside of them home.  So I get home between 12:45 and 1:00 depending on how quickly I get out of the store.  If I am so exhausted I am almost dosing off on my way home I can usually hit the bed falling asleep on the way down.  However sometimes I am so amped up because of being so tired I have to turn the music to full blaring so I don’t do the dose off thing I mentioned above.  So sometimes it takes me until 2-2:30 to wind down.

That’s all fine and dandy IF I could sleep in, but you see, I have to be up at 6:45 a.m. to make lunches for the 2 boys who are in school, get their breakfast, get them dressed and head out at 7:40 to drop them off at school.  Now this still may not be much of a problem IF I could take a nap during the day but having Mischief Milly for a daughter who no longer naps I don’t really get a chance to do that.  If I was irresponsible enough to take a nap with this child awake and running free, next thing I know she will be peddling pop rocks to the neighbors.  On a very RARE occasion she will wear herself out playing and take a nap but usually she falls asleep about the time I have to start getting ready for work and off I go.

I do all the laundry in my house, do the dishes 99.9 % of the time, take care of the kids, get them up and off to school, tote them to doctors appointments, physical therapy appointments, try to straighten the house through the day.  All day I walk around as if I am in a fog ,think what a person who has drunk too much feels like, but without the drinking.   My mind knows what is going on around me but my reactions are delayed.  Yesterday I was driving home and I seriously almost dosed off at a stoplight!!!  Right after that the next stop light I was approaching I saw it from a distance and saw that it was red, and then about 100 feet from it, it finally registered you have to push the brake, it’s RED!

I am noticing my reactions and thoughts are extremely delayed and that’s really dangerous.  I try to figure out a way to help the situation.  I can’t figure out a solution and for my sanity and most importantly my health I have got to do something.  If we didn’t need the money I would quit but until then I guess I just deal with lack of sleep and hope for the best??

Everyday I sit and cry and try to think of a way I can just squeeze in a 10 minute rest that would be better than nothing right?.  I want to be around for my kids a long time and there are days I just wonder how to get the rest I need so my health doesn’t quit on me.  Heck I am lucky if I remember to eat somedays, that’s how tired I am.  I try to run around my house and get ALL the things done that need to be done, take care of my daughter, get the boys, finish this and that and then go to work and do it all over again.

I don’t seem to get to sleep in on the weekends and I just don’t know what else to do aside from quitting my job, which is not an option with debt and student loans.  Sorry this is not the most upbeat post out there but this is something I need to fix, crying daily is getting to be annoying.  And since this is my blog I can vent if I want 🙂


It’s scary to think that some people live on this little sleep all the time, I can see why lack of sleep caused early death…I feel like the walking dead all the time.  Tomorrow we will return to your regularly schedules sane person post…please excuse this interruption.


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    You poor thing, you do need some rest. Anyway you can adjust your schedule to get off work earlier?
    .-= Cat´s last blog ..LIVE GIVEAWAY – Sam’s Club $100 Gift Card =-.

    • 2

      Nah I already did that LOL I was working until 1 a.m. and we are still not making it financially. Next year will be better (and holidays and summer b/c the kids sleep and bella will be in school) but this year is killing me.

  2. 3

    Any chance of doing a shared babysitting for an hour or so with a couple of friends or local mom group? You’d get a break most days of the week, and you might get that nap you need. I know some other moms who do it, and they rave about it.

    If you can get 5-8 local moms who want to do it, then you can trade off watching the kids, and everyone gets a few hours off most days. Might be worth looking into?
    .-= MommyGeekology´s last blog ..Things I Never Thought I Would Say =-.

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    Buck "Daddy" Rogers

    Virtual hug, i understand to a point, for awhile thre i was working 3 jobs, i go work my 8-5 then 6-1a and work on the weekend at another job

    I burned out and had to ask for help
    .-= Buck “Daddy” Rogers´s last blog ..Want Kayne to hack your site =-.

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    Ah sweetie, you NEED and DESERVE some rest! I was going to suggest a babysitting swap, too. If you could find someone to take your daughter a couple days a week and you take theirs a couple days it would give you a chance to get some rest. In the meantime, leave all that laundry till your day off and start using paper plates. (If the other half complains…well, you know who can start washing the dishes :)). And don’t worry about getting the house clean and straightened up (same thing applies here :)). Let the dust settle, just worry about getting the trash out. Even if you’re daughter doesn’t sleep, use some time to just sit with her…read a book or watch a dvd or watch her color. Do anything that allows you to at least physically rest your body. And…you need to ask for (demand) some sleep time on your days off. Honestly, it’s time to tell hubby you need some help with this and get him to entertain the kids so you can rest. Good luck and let us know how you’re doing!
    .-= Cindy B in Montana´s last blog ..Tim Hawkins Theatre =-.

  5. 6

    Have you considered switching some of the shifts to a day shift? You could put your daughter into daycare at least part time. I know it stinks paying for daycare. I have been working 12 hour days, coming home putting the boys to bed and then 3-4 hours on the computer. Ugh! I hear ya lady!
    .-= Jennifer @ J. Leigh Designz´s last blog ..Aloha Friday – Coffee Drinkers =-.

  6. 7

    Girl, you definitely need some rest! I would be venting too–all the time! In all seriousness, I know it’s probably not easy to change your schedule, but a babysitting swap or just good friend/family member willing to lend a helping hand is in order.
    .-= Piera-Jolly Mom´s last blog ..FREEbie Friday! =-.

  7. 8

    I remember those days. You’re so exhausted you can bearly see straight or stand. Quitting my job was not an option, so I finally had to set priorities. I became a crockpot gourmet. Paper plates and cups are still alive and well in my house. The remaining dishes went in the dishwasher. I saved laundry for my day off.

    I finally had to ask my husband to assist with the house cleaning when he got off in the evening. He also packed our daughter’s lunch the night before and put it in the frig. I just pulled it out in the morning.

    On the week-ends we took turns cleaning, cooking, spending time with the kids etc. so the other could get some rest. Running a household and raising kids must become a shared responsibility. Good luck.
    .-= Rhonda´s last blog ..I Love Twelve =-.