I Would Rather Go Through Childbirth Again

If you ever said to me a kidney infection could be more painful than childbirth, I would have gladly disagreed with you (possibly snickering under my breath)…until Tuesday that is.

Now I have had your run of the mill UTI’s growing up and those are not comfortable but they were easily dealt with.  Cranberry juice, water, antibiotics and you were good to go.  Being slightly naive when it comes to any kind of infection I thought people were exaggerating how bad kidney infections hurt.

Last week I had a bit of back pain but thought nothing of it and passed it off as a muscle ache or I twisted something and went on about my day.  Come Tuesday morning, I wake up and it’s aching but nothing I couldn’t handle.  I get the boys to school and come back home to get some stuff done when all the sudden the pain in my back is excruciating.  I thought to myself, this is not normal and thought I would try to get to my doctor.  Well the only opening they had available was not until 8 that night (Miss for WestSide Family Clinic in Springdale) so knowing I could not handle this pain and something was wrong, I loaded up my daughter and headed to the emergency room.

I probably should not have driven that’s how bad my back was hurting but I could not handle the pain anymore.  I got to the ER safe and sound and went in.  My husband was on his way to meet us so he could take the little one to get something to eat.  She was a real trooper during mommy’s hurting time.  She didn’t complain and tried to make mommy feel better, it’s moments like those I know I have done something right.

After about a 20 minute wait they finally get me back to a room and the nurse comes in and hooks me all up to the IV to get some fluids through me and we wait for the doctor.  The doctor comes in and asks my symptoms etc etc and then tells the nurse to order a cat scan to check for stones.  At this precise moment I freeze in my brain and am pleading with God to please let it be anything other than stones, they scare me to death.  He also orders some morphine for my pain…thank you Lord some relief.  So the nurse goes and gets the 10ml of morphine to push through my IV and a few seconds into it, I swore my heart sped up as fast as it could possibly go and my breath gets taken away.  Then my face starts itching.

So what’s going on, am I having an allergic reaction to the morphine… wouldn’t that be lovely!  No no allergic reaction I just think my body went into shock, finally it realizes hey this is going to help make us feel better and breathing, skin and heart return to normal and it even took the edge off the pain, didn’t take it completely away but at least I was too loopy to care.  A few minutes later they wheel me down to the Cat Scan room and let me say when you are loopy from  a narcotic movements and talking are not the best things to be doing.  I felt like it took years to get myself off the bed I was on, to the cat scan bed talk about a trippy experience (this is my stay away from drugs moment, never do them unless you have to).

So after my cat scan they take me back to the room at which point my body doesn’t care there is morphine in it, the pain comes flying back in like a mack truck.  So the nurse gives me the second half of the dose and all is well in Toni land.  I dose in and out, only waking up when a moment of throbbing is too much to bear and then not caring the minute it has passed.  Finally the doctor returns, but only after the nurse has given me another dose of morphine, this seemed to get it almost gone though I could still feel a bit of ache.  He tells me what my ears had been hoping for that I was lucky and there were no stones but I did in fact have a really bad kidney infection.

I sigh and wonder what in the world causes this (and still don’t really know an answer, too loopy to remember to ask) and hope for the life of me I never ever have to experience this again.  They start me on IV antibiotics that night as well as give me the final dose of morphine and finally it takes the pain completely away.  Of course it can’t be that smooth now can it.

Once I was given that final dose I thought I could sit right up, get dressed, go home and get in bed.  Well it happened somewhat like that..I sat up, got really dizzy, had to have my husband dress me, stumble into the wheel chair, room spinning, sweating like it’s 80 degrees and it’s only 20 something outside. We get me in the van and I can’t open my eyes because everything seems to be spinning, I can now say I truly know what someone on drugs feels like and I can’t believe that could ever be enjoyable for anyone. We pull into the driveway and all I could think about was getting out of my clothes and into bed with the fan blowing right on me, however the moment my feet hit the ground and the spinning caught up to me, my stomach took a turn for the worse.  Well you can guess what happened then no need to go into details.

I hit the bed and stayed snuggled under my cover until I had to pee for the first time since coming home.  Thankfully the pain was still gone, seems that 4th dose of morphine finally did the job but it also really messed with my head.  Everytime I tried to sit up everything would start spinning and I would almost have to crawl to the restroom.  The pain I felt in my back was excruciating when I went to the hospital and I can honestly say I would much rather go through childbirth again than have another kidney infection.

So since Tuesday night I have been drinking the water and resting in bed.  Taking my antibiotics and the pain pills (it still hurts enough that just tylenol or motrin doesn’t cut it but I have been able to go longer between doses so something is working).  All I can say is thank goodness for the internet and laptops or I may go a bit crazy, well crazier than I already am.  And now I leave you to your thoughts because I am going to go rest.  Have a wonderful Thursday!

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  1. 1

    That doesn’t sound like any fun at all1 i am happy to ehar you aRE tweeting again and that you are feeling a wee bit better…
    Rest will do you some good.:)

  2. 2

    Ok, I don’t know if this was supposed to be funny or not but you had me cracking up. I’ve never had morphine but I have had stadol which is like a cousin to it and I know how you felt. It’s nice being loopy until you actually have to move around. And yes, I had the same stomach reaction only my hubby had to pull over on the way home from the hospital. I hope you are feeling better. You must be to be able to type this.
    .-= Hangingwithmrscooper´s last blog ..For Unto Us a Son Is Born, A child Is Given =-.

    • 3

      LOL it’s okay that you laughed, you might even think i was still on the morphine when writing this post. i have no idea how i made it home, guess only living 7 minutes from the hospital helped me not to have to pull over LOL

  3. 4

    I’m so glad you’re feeling better! I’ve never had a kidney infection. I need to know what causes it!
    .-= Rachel´s last blog .."Lord Help Me" =-.

  4. 6

    I don’t know if you are going to participate in positive meme Friday since you are resting from your ordeal (kidney pains) yesterday…Hope U are feeling better..I just wanted to say, I’m doing it tomorrow and I linked you up in my blog. Hope that was okay….I would be honored if you would have a look…

    Any-hoo hope you are feeling okay Toni…
    Have a good weekend!
    .-= Cluttered Brain´s last blog ..Just a funny little Christmas song…:) =-.

  5. 7

    Ouch! Yeah I’ve had a few of those and know how bad they hurt. So not fun! Wasn’t smart enough (or had money haha) to go to the ER. Feel better soon!!

  6. 8

    Toni, this is JUST awful. I’m so sorry you had to go through all this, and I’m so glad that you are better. Rest up, and kudos to your husband as well for helping you out. This is so scary.

    Here’s a link to your readers in case they wanted to see how to avoid:


  7. 9

    I hope you feel better really soon…I know what that pain is…not fun!
    .-= Trish @IamSucceeidng´s last blog ..Fitness Friday: Water… The Many Faces =-.

  8. 10

    Oh Good Lord I feel for you so very much. I know all too well the evil pain of UTI’s and can’t begin to imagine what it feels like after passing up ti the kidneys! Good thing you got to the Dr though, I hear they only get worse as they progress and can cause real damage! Get lots of rest and lots of water to flush those bad boys out.
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..She’s a Cruel Mistress =-.

  9. 11

    unfortunately I have been through that before! I hope you feel better! oh BTW how did you like my sisters keeper? had you read the book?
    .-= Jessica Jones´s last blog ..Do I get an A for Effort? =-.

  10. 12

    Glad to hear that you are starting to feel better. I’ve never gone through one of those and from your description, I’m glad that I haven’t!
    .-= Michaela´s last blog ..Foto Friday – Snow!! =-.

  11. 13

    Bless your heart! I had a kidney infection while 7 mos pregnant w/ my 4th… It was excruciating! I collapsed at work (Yes, I was still working at 7 mos but mostly desk work) The had the ambulance come get me and they kept me in the hospital for 8 days! I feel for ya! I hope to never again have one- especially while being pregnant! I seriously thought I was going to have him then! My first was all back labor and that is what it felt like magnified!! Glad you are feeling better!

    • 14

      Oh dear that is hard being pregnant, with my last I worked up until the day before I had her LOL. I was on my feet all day working in a pharmacy.

  12. 15
    Christie - The ChatterBox

    Amazing how you can still manage to make me smile in the midst of your pain. Glad to know you are feeling better and I sure do miss you! Take care of yourself!

    • 16

      Thanks Miss Christie, I don’t cross your path on twitter much anymore…we must change that I vote a trip to Vegas 😉

  13. 17

    Wow, I can’t imagine all of that! Glad you are home now, resting up and sounds like a laptop is a great thing! I would go crazy if I were in bed without some access to the internet! LOL
    .-= Brandy´s last blog ..Get Out From Underneath =-.

  14. 18

    I have to say, you have the best stories. I really ejoy reading them!

  15. 19

    Yes I have had 6 kids and also the infection AND stone, but what really hurt more than anything was seeing our daughter going through this when she was just a tiny 2 year old. She’d get sick SO fast and spike a high fever and just moan. She actually had surgery to fix the problem and finally she was free from the horrible infections. It is SO unbearable!!
    I cant take the affects for pain meds any better than you. I hate that out of control feeling.

    ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

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