I Was Such A Girl Just Now & I Can Be A Cry Baby If I Want

In the last twenty minutes here is a run down of what I did. Ran to Walgreens. Picked up some feminine needed things. Thought I need a chocolate bar and then got one. Picked out a chick flick at Redbox. Got home, picked up a paper and got paper cut then cried.

I acted like such a girl just now, a hormonal one at that. So beware oh speakers of negative things, I can not be held responsible for actions this next week. I AM ALLOWED TO CRY at something stupid or if I am stressed (well that goes for any time I say).  I may get annoyed over something little.   So best for you and me if I grab chocolate and lots of it. Hole myself in with some sappy movies and do lots of things girly. Who’s in?!

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  1. 1

    Oh how I can relate. Add me to the “I’m such a girl list” too. I want chocolate, and lots of it.

  2. 2

    Sounds good to me, Toni!
    Hope you have a great weekend! I am going to try but am sick and feel like crap, but this too shall pass!

  3. 3

    oh ME ME ME! I’m totally in! shuving down a chocolate with a cup of tea and my favourite mag… bliss x

  4. 4

    Crying is the body’s response to stress and frustration and all that! I am such a crier – I can’t help it! I am not whiny (I hope!) I just like to take a time out and have some me time!!

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