I Have An Addiction…


Yes it’s true.  I am a Victoria’s Secret Addict.  I was starting to bring out my spring clothes and put up the winter (HOORAY) and decided to do a little Spring Cleaning of my drawers.  I started with my bras, all are in good condition so I kept them all.  How many bra’s do I have?  FIFTEEN, 10 of which are Victoria’s Secret.  Now that isn’t too bad right?  Just tell me it’s not so I feel better because when I tell you how many pairs of underwear I own I may have to hide in shame.

As I said a second ago we are moving into the underwear next.  SEVENTY pair of undies, and only 5 are NOT Victoria’s Secret .  And all of them are in really good condition, but I guess considering I have enough for over 2 months of wear it’s not a surprise they are still in good condition huh.  I always get them for Christmas or a birthday (and I mean I get a ton due to GC’s and stocking stuffers) so I get the new cute line each time.  Then not to mention I will stick to several pair until I just don’t like them anymore or (close your eyes men) that time of the month comes early then I will throw them out.  So I have tons of pairs that still have tags on them.

Maybe I should start buying some of the Victoria’s Secret clothes/shoes/bathing suits with the GC’s I get.  Then at least I wouldn’t have an abundance of underwear.  Though I will say I have veered off the under clothes course and received/bought makeup, lotions, lingerie (which hubs LOVED) and fragrances.  So you see I have this addiction to Victoria’s Secret, I can’t seem to get enough of the cute little stuff.  I guess for the next birthday and Christmas I will tell them to hold off on the VS Gift card, either that or I must stay away from the under clothing, soon I will need a room just for that alone.

I thought my purse/shoe addiction was bad, I am beginning to think Victoria’s Secret may take the front runner position soon.  So what are some addictions you have? And Please tell me you have more undies than me, it really will make me feel less like a freak.

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    There are far worse obsessions to have….I say SHOP ON! I also have an underwear obsession….I should count them! I actually have a lot of shopping obsessions! Great Post!

  2. 2

    hah! I have an undie problem right now. I’m done with my maternity undies, but I can’t bring myself to throw them away because they’re in such great shape still. Luckily, I’ve only got a week’s worth hogging up space in my drawer.
    .-= Lori @Table_4_7´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday: Happy St. Patrick’s Day! =-.

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    so, after working for VS for a little over a yr, I too have an addiction. I have a dresser set aside for all things undies. top drawer bras (did you know you get free bras when working there) next drawer panties (semi- annual….you mark down, you get first dibs)

    there is nothing wrong with quality and who knows how old some of the bras are? of course, near new condition.

    All make-up and lotions are from there.

    I have broken down and own all things PINK, lounge wear, sweats, pjs. I even picked up a rolling piece of luggage for $29.99. Haven’t had a chance to bust out the new bathing suit though. Anywho, I share you desire for quality and laugh at the word addict.

    After all, you get 2% on your credit card. Can you say… money? : )

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