I Deem Myself The Official MUM (Murphy USA Mom)…Unofficially

All day yesterday I was immersed in Murphy USA‘s annual DM meeting and will be again today. I don’t have a lot of time to post and frankly still need to wrap my thoughts around everything. It was a great great meeting. A quick note to any brands reading this post, if you want to know what to do right with your company and social media, keep an eye on Murphy. THEY GET IT!

Because I am their biggest fan (sorry no one can top one who loves a brand so much a tattoo is considered) and well I love the company I have now titled myself “The Official MUM” The Murphy USA Mom. It’s an unofficial title (for now) but I plan on telling them it should be made into something official for me very soon. Until I can get a deep post up about everything I wanted to share a little of what I love about Murphy USA.

So without further ado, my vlog:

So now you tell me how many home office employees could tell you the name of the manager (not regional or dm) of a store right when you tell them the city you are moving too.  My guess is not too many off the top of their heads.  I love the fact this company is so humble and takes the time to get to know their employees.  The things they do for them just leaves me speechless, wait until you read about all that.  And the El Dorado promise I mentioned in the vlog, tell me where else EVERY high school child that has been in the school since at least 9th grade can get college paid for!  Okay I have to stop for now to get ready for today but I could go on and on.  So keep a watch for a more detailed post and more videos later.

Thank you to Collective Bias for allowing me to be so involved with a company I respect so much. I look forward to doing so many things with them. *My trip will be compensated for time taken off from my other job but opinions are as always 100% honest and my own*

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  1. 1

    I had NO IDEA that they were such a great company. The Eldorado Promise is awesome. It has to have done wonderful things for that town. If I lived anywhere near there you can bet I’d be getting my kids into El Dorado schools from Kindergarten.
    Have a blast. Can’t wait to hear what you’ve learned.

  2. 2

    Murphy USA sounds like a good store!
    Yup, sounds like you deserve your title!

  3. 3

    Hi MUM! It was great having you! And I can make that Tattoo happen.