My Family Is At Risk, My Dogs Are Stuck Inside, and The City Doesn’t Care

It’s not like me to write a overly negative post but I am to a point where I have to do something because my family and my dogs safety and freedom is being compromised.  We have been dealing with dog attacks by our neighbors dogs in OUR fenced backyard.  So today I am posting a timeline of the the happenings since March 5, 2012 to show you what we have been going through with those dog attacks.   I have some photos of the dogs that attacked as well  as injuries to my yorkie from the last attack (graphic so beware).  It really took a lot for me to write this post because sometimes you fear you will get backlash from calling out authority figures but I feel this needs to be dealt with in a better way than it has been.

I have contacted my local police, called 911, as well as my animal control services, and these dogs are still here posing a risk to my family. Here is a timeline of the events that no justice has been made in (well unless you consider fining the neighbor justice). I mean really what good are fines if you are not going to make someone actually do something to ensure their pets won’t continue to get out and endanger those around them. I know I would be horrified if this were my pet doing this to another pet (or person).  We have one Yorkie (Dexter) and one chihuahua mix (Guido). We have lived here for over a year with no problems of letting them out, leaving them out to play for a bit and letting them back in. Unfortunately due to a neighbor’s irresponsibility of not being able to keep their dogs in their yard this is no longer the case. Not only do I fear for my dogs safety but my children’s safety as well. *Please note there are injury photos below and may be considered graphic to some*

March 5, 2012
I let our dogs out into our fenced back yard to use the restroom like normal and came inside to do a few things while they used the bathroom and got some outside time. We have been doing this since we moved in November 2010 with no problem. I heard both dogs barking and looked out to see two dogs in our backyard that did not belong to us. One was a husky and one was a golden mixed dog. Both belong to our neighbor. Dexter ran in but the two dogs cornered Guido. I, since a child, have had a fear of big dogs and could not get out to get Guido. The two dogs had him cornered in the northeast corner of our backyard until Brent arrived home from work, which was several hours. Brent arrived home from work and managed to get the dogs out of our backyard and Guido back in, although the gold dog stood his ground for a bit. Once in we noticed blood on Guido’s back from puncture wounds, blood on both of his legs from puncture wounds and he was limping and very scared.

March 6, 2012
Brent had to take some hours off of work to take Guido to the vet to be treated. The vet performed an x-ray and there were no broken bones but there were 8 puncture wounds (mid-section, neck, hind area, leg). Guido had to be on both antibiotics and pain medicine due to the injuries received during the attack. Brent fixed the area on our side near the fence to do what we could to keep them out, even though this should not have been our responsibility. We already had barricades in place to keep our dogs in but they did not keep the attacking dogs out. Full services to treat and find injuries included: Office visit, temperature, nail trim with exam, x-ray,oral antibiotic, oral pain medicine which totaled $128.78

March 18, 2012
My parents dog (Charlie Brown) came over for a doggie play date and while the dogs were out again I was watching them, which is something we had been doing since the first attack. The above mentioned dogs came back into our yard. I tried to yell and scare the dogs away while trying to call the dogs we own in at the same time. Dexter and Guido ran in but Charlie Brown was out in the yard and I could not get him in the house nor the dogs out of the yard. I ran in to grab something to make noise and try to scare them off, when I heard Charlie Brown yelping as if he were hurt. I opened the door and started hitting a pan and screaming to make them leave. Once they backed off long enough to let Charlie Brown go he inside and I saw he was bleeding profusely.

My dad had to come pick up Charlie Brown and take him to the vet where they found several punctures. One around his neck, one in the juncture of tail and anus, three in right flank one of which required 4 staples, and one in his left flank. Full treatment from that attack totaled $212.66. Yet again Brent tried to fix an area we saw the dogs get in from the open field side. I called the police who directed me to animal control. Animal control came out and the officer seemed annoyed and said to me when she arrived “What exactly do you want us to do?“. I had to pause and think about this because it threw me, what in the world does she mean what do I want them to do? I want them to make sure those dogs don’t continue getting out of their yard and pose a safety risk for my family (which includes my dogs). So she said she would leave them notice. A day or two later she called to say the neighbors hadn’t called but she was going to approach them again. I never heard anything after that phone call.

In between the above date and below date (after a complaint had already been made and animal control said they contacted the owners) the dogs are still roaming free:

April 1, 2012
I let Dexter and Guido out in the morning and as usual, since the first attack, stood there to watch them. Hearing something Guido and Dexter started barking, as any dog would, so I called them back. As I looked up I saw the husky and gold dog in the open field behind the house which has a wire fence along the property line that is roughly three/four feet tall. No sooner did I yell for Dexter and Guido than both the husky and gold dog jumped the fence. As the husky ran to block (in a herding fashion) the dogs, Guido was able to run past and get in the house. Dexter was “herded” and the golden dog started attacking him, continually biting him in different spots and shaking him around. I began screaming at the top of my lungs in fear and horror watching the gold dog attack my yorkie. They continued to attack Dexter as Brent came running in to see what was going on. He went out and yelled loud enough to distract the dogs for a moment and Dexter was able to get away. Upon getting inside myself and Brent noticed Dexter was very shaken up and bleeding, yes it’s graphic.

I was so upset I was shaking badly and could barely breath. I immediately called 911 and in tears, trying to breathe, and told them what happened (as well as past attacks) and they called animal control.

Dexter would not walk, eat, drink and had to be taken to the Emergency Vet offices in Pensacola, FL. Once there it was found out he had several puncture wounds on his back, belly and legs, he had to have several IV medications, six staples, oral antibiotics, pain and inflammation meds. He would not eat or drink after the attack for a few days. Full treatment this day included: Emergency fee, biohazard disposal, radiographs 2 views, buprenorphine injection, acepromazine injection add on, cefazolin 100mg injection, butterfly catheter 19gx ¾ “, clip/clean/flush wound med, clavamox tablets 62.5mg, dispensing fee, tramadol 50mg, previcox 57mg, skin staples which totaled $542.75.

April 2, 2012
I took Dexter to the vet for a follow up.  She said Dexter was very bruised and on top of treatment already he needed a cone to keep him from messing with his staples as well as additional antibiotics. Full treatment this day included: clavamox tablets 125mg, office visit, elizabethan collar for a total of $75.55. Dexter will have to have the staples in and collar on for two weeks.  Photos taken while in the vet office of injuries (of graphic nature):

April 5, 2012
The husky was once again at my back fence (it’s a bit hard to see due to resizing but I have the full size on hand of all photos). I called the police who yet again referred me to animal control who said I would just have to fill out another affidavit and quote “Until they get tired of paying this is all we can do“. So in other words if they keep paying the fines my kids, myself, my dogs or anyone ever at my house who goes in my backyard are put at risk. Please tell me what is wrong with this picture.

Each time we have done what we could to contact the neighbors. My husband has pounded on their door no less than 10 times one of which was 6:50 in the morning after the last attack and they never answer. We have called the police several times who keep referring us to animal control. They have served the neighbors notices but done nothing else to ensure my family is safe. There has been no response from the neighbors to us and when animal control went over the last time they tried to push it off on our other neighbors, I am sorry but I know which dogs were in my yard.

We continue to try to fix our fence to keep the dogs out but that should not be our responsibility. We are responsible for keeping our dogs in and that is what they should be as well. These dogs pose a danger to not only our dogs, our children, and us but the neighborhood as well if they are continually able to escape and attack. We can not feel safe with these owners not taking responsibility of the dogs they own. The fact that the city is just continually serving them notices (fining them) but not taking any other action in a leash law neighborhood is beyond ridiculous. I can not allow my children or dogs into our my back yard and my dogs can only go out now in the front. Which means they are essentially stuck inside all day unless I am taking them out for a walk, yet the neighbor dogs are allowed to enjoy the outside whenever they want.

I am very disappointed in my city for taking very little action and the action they are taking isn’t keeping us safe considering the dogs are still getting out as recently as last night. If this were a city officials family at risk I wonder if things would be taken with such a la-de-da attitude. What if that had been my child, what if one day my children forget for a moment that I have told them not to go in the backyard and the dogs attack them, is that when this will be taken seriously?  I love where I live, don’t get me wrong. More often than not you will find me raving about what a wonderful place it is to be, so that just adds to my disappointment over how this is being handled even more.  What else can I do, what would you do in this situation?

This is really about bringing a situation to light and say a few things.  One if you are going to own an animal, be a responsible owner.   That means keeping your animals on a leash whenever they are not confined to your yard, you don’t want your pet to do something like this to another person’s pet (or child).  It doesn’t matter if there are not leash laws in your area (which there are here), you want to ensure your pet and those around you safety.  Second if you are a city official, don’t turn a blind eye or give the run around.  This is a very real situation and could have resulted (or still may if these dogs are not properly confined) in something much worse than it already has.  Do something to ensure those responsible are held accountable or it shines a bad light on you, it makes you seem as if you don’t care about the people in your community.

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  1. 1

    I am so sorry your family has to endure this. I am spreading the word. Wish I could do more. This is terrible!

  2. 2

    Im sorry to hear that you are going through this! Lynsey shared your blog post on fb and I found you through her.
    Considering that you have thoroughly documented everything, I would contact a lawyer and request payment for the vet fees from the neighbor. Perhaps city fines won’t sway them but getting sued by a lawyer might. If I were in your shoes, I would also arm myself with a bb gun and start shooting at the dogs next time they set foot in your yard. A bb gun won’t kill them, but may keep them out of your yard.

    • 3

      I did contact a lawyer but they only deal with dog human attacks so we will have to go to something like small claim court which we are looking into now. Thanks so much for stopping by and offering your support!

  3. 4

    I hate to say it, but I’d shoot the dogs. I’d probably be traumatized for it since the thought of shooting an animal makes me shudder, but it would be more traumatizing for me and my family to watch my dogs get torn apart by neighbor dogs. Or even myself or my children get attacked.

    It’s ridiculous that the city/animal control has done nothing more than go over to their house and pound on their door and fine them. They should just take the dogs in as strays and figure out what to do with them there.

  4. 5

    Oh helllll no!! This leaves you three options…

    1. You build a very expensive giant fence around your house to block those dogs.
    2. You shoot them. They’re trespassing and they’re dangerous. If animal control is not going to step in and take these dogs away then you have to protect your family. But since I imagine you’re probably a terrible shot and would never want to kill an animal like that, I would maybe just THREATEN that you have no choice but to shoot them and hopefully Animal Control will take you seriously and pick them up instead?
    3. Sue your neighbors for the damages.

    Also? I don’t know about where you live, but where I live, dogs are not allowed to roam the streets like that without a leash. Unacceptable.

    • 6

      We are definitely looking into small claims court that way if we can get the money from them we have had to put out we can build a fence. We have them around both sides but figured the military barbed wire around back was enough to keep out dogs…obviously not. There is a leash law that is why I am shocked nothing has been done

    • 7

      Everything she said…this is sooo bad! That dog is a predator waiting by your fence?? I’d be waiting with a gun.

  5. 8

    They aren’t even going to take those dogs in to test for rabies? I am very surprised that nothing at all is being done. Are they waiting for the dogs to attack a child?

    • 9

      My thought exactly! If it happens to one of my children well I don’t even want to think about that.

  6. 10

    I am shocked that they haven’t picked those dogs up and impounded them yet… This is beyond ridiculous. I am so sorry your family can’t enjoy your own back yard… I pray that something is done and you are safe again..

  7. 11

    Horrible. There is nothing worse than thinking your dog (or your kids) are in danger. I hope this gets worked out for you.

  8. 12

    Wow… incredible that they aren’t doing anything about this… What is even more incredible is the type of dogs that are attacking – obviously someone doesn’t know how to raise dogs. This is totally unacceptable, and I hate to say it but your only option may be to shoot the dogs – with a bb gun of course because being a pet owner yourself, I know you probably couldn’t kill them… of course when they’re in mid attack on one of your fur babies – maybe you could. I know I could. I have 7 kids and 7 dogs (all tiny things like yours)… I wouldn’t hesitate to pull the trigger if ANY of my brood were threatened fur or no. Small claims court to sue for damages for sure – get your and your dads money back for those vet bills, but the next time Animal Control comes out and does nothing let them know that you have/will purchase a firearm to protect your property and your family. Maybe that will spur them to do something… of course you also have to look at the ramifications from something like that – if you were to intentionally or even accidentally kill one of the dogs – then Animal Control could fine YOU for cruelty to animals, regardless of the circumstances. However, cases like that are generally heard before a judge and you have more than substantial proof that these dogs are a danger. Just because they have yet to attack a human does not mean that they won’t.
    I am so sorry that your family is being terrorized in this manner and I pray that things get better soon!!!

  9. 13

    I am stunned that the authorities have done nothing. Not knowing where you live I am not positive of the best course of action but at the very least you need to take your pups out on leashes. Carry pepper spray and don’t be afraid to spray the dogs if they come toward you (make sure you and your dogs are not downwind). I would also get a pellet gun and again, don’t hesitate to shoot, but I recommend that you have a video running and recording that they in fact were in YOUR yard while you are doing the above.
    I am an animal lover more than most, but these two neighbor dogs are not playing and they WILL kill your small pups. Since your neighbors are obviously douchbags it is likely those dogs are hungry too.

    I can’t believe that animal control in your county wouldn’t act upon this. Have they seen the photos? Can the vet get involved? You may need to go to your local “Action News” team and get them to do a story on loser pet owners. If nothing else you might be able to embarrass the neighbors into being more responsible.

    This is completely shocking to me. You need to make some noise. Is it possible other surrounding neighbors are being tormented by these same dogs?

    I can’t believe your pups aren’t completely traumatized and refusing to go out. All those injuries have to be scary and painful !!

    • 14

      Thank for commenting. We have been taking them out in the front yard on leashes. The yorkie will have nothing to do with going out back but our Chihuahua mix thinks he is big until the big dogs show up.

  10. 15

    Pepper spray!! I had a dog coming around my yard who would terrorize my dog. I tired nicely to shoo it away with no luck. A good dose of pepper spray did the trick. Haven’t seen the little s#*t since. Or, you could leave some meat out for them that just “happens” to be tainted…. If it were me, I’d do one of those two things. When I was 3 a dog bit me, resulting in 250 stitches to my forehead. The injury went all the way down to the skull. It was extremely traumatizing so I’d show no mercy to these dogs. Just my opinion.

    • 16

      I thought about that but I would have to go out of my house to do that and I am terrified to leave my steps. They don’t come close enough to the actual house (our yard is fairly big) for me to do that from the door 🙁

      • 17

        I completely understand. I was able to spray the dog through the slats in our metal fence. It’s smart to not get too close. That is SO frustrating!! Maybe you can send a certified letter to the owners with the documentation of complaints to the city/animal control. Along with that I’d tell them you’re suing them and requesting a judge to order the dogs be put to sleep. Hopefully that will catch their attention!

  11. 18

    I am shocked!
    In addition to the suggestions above, I would go above the heads of those you have already spoken with at Animal Control and even police dispatch. Everyone has a boss. Obviously (leash) laws are being broken in addition to safety. It is generally the policy of local police to pass complaints off to animal control, but in my experience if a dog/family is repeatedly ignoring notices and fines, the police do step in.
    Bear in mind (in WA) when a family is fined, each subsequent time there is a fine it gets more expensive, usually doubling. At this point, their fines could be hundreds of dollars. I don’t know many people that can afford that, so there is a chance they aren’t paying the fines. This is yet another reason they can and should have the dogs removed.
    I’d be marching myself into the office of every official that could make something happen until someone decides to do their damn job. (And document every single conversation.) In the mean time, pellet guns are sure to chase away dogs. And if that doesn’t do it, even though I am not generally in favor of just shooting people/animals, I honestly would consider it. Good grief!
    I am so sorry for the stress this must be for your family. I hope the issue is resolved soon!

    • 19

      Yes that is how it is here too, the fines get bigger. Thank you so much for your support and advice.

  12. 20

    I posted on Kat’s link on FB but I had to comment here also because this just makes me SOOO mad. I can not believe the AC officers in your area have done nothing to help you out. At this point you only safe option for your family and pets is to take drastic measures to protect them. I know for a fact my husband would have taken matters into his own hands long ago. We had a similar problem with a neighbor’s dog coming onto our property although luckily since our dogs are in a separate fenced in area she never got to them. The first time hubs and I were out with our kids and she came over with the owner chasing her she was completely uncontrollable and went after my cat, I snatched my youngest up and my hubs who happened to have a baseball bat since that is what the kids were doing stood between my son & dog with it in his hand. We have called AC & they have spoken with them the second time the officer spoke with us and when my hubs asked what he could do she told him he was within his rights to do what he thought was fit to protect his family! THANKFULLY they moved away over the winter and I will NOT miss that dog whatsoever & especially now that the weather is nice I don’t have to fear for my kids being out in my back yard.

    Legally I would definitely sue for the $$ you and your father are out u have the proof in pictures and the testimony of the Veterinarians that you saw.

  13. 21

    This post brought me to tears. There should be further punishment for these people and you should not have to feel trapped in your own home and not able to use your yard. I hope that by you posting this it brings some attention to the situation.

  14. 22

    This is quite ridiculous. I have a large dog, and when my husband and I got her & her sister as puppies, the 1st thing we did was make sure to construct adequate fencing to contain them. I do understand that sometimes in more rural areas full stockade would be too pricey, but then you chain or kennel your dogs.

    They are obviously hunting the smaller dogs.

  15. 23

    First, don’t ever be nervous for backlash. Kudos for speaking your mind and demanding your rights!

    I agree with others who have said I’d shoot the other dogs. I love our Harvey, but I am a mother to my kids first. That being said, these dogs could easily attack your children. I’d assure that didn’t happen before it even had a chance to.

    ((HUGS)) to you & Dexter!

  16. 24

    This is an outrage! I am so sorry you and your family are going through this. I cannot believe Animal Control and the police are not doing anything to help you. Can you contact your local media? Around here we have a “News Team on your Side” thing where people contact the local news station for situations such as this, where something is clearly wrong but nothing is being done, and the media exposes the person/company responsible. More often than not they get results. Best of luck to you and I hope this situation is resolved quickly and safely!

  17. 25

    This makes me so angry! I hate irresponsible dog owners and it brings tears to my eyes that you and your family have to suffer with no regard for safety from your police, animal control or neighbors! My husband would probably say the same thing that others have suggested about shooting the animals if they enter your yard but I know I wouldn’t be able to do it myself. I think if no one is going to help you that you have the right idea about taking them to small claims court to sue them for enough money to build a large privacy fence. It’s a shame that those who are responsible always seem to have to be the ones to fix the things that aren’t their responsibility because of losers like your neighbors!

  18. 26

    I feel you on this. I live in a neighborhood where people let their dogs run free. My on-leash dog has been harassed by off-leash dogs and two people have had the nerve to tell me to “chill out” when I told them to keep their dogs away from mine. My neighbor dogs have broken through my fence numerous times and it scares the hell out of me to think what would happen if she was out there and they came through the fence. Here’s a photo:

  19. 27

    Ill send my dad over. He is good at feeding ‘special’ food to wild animals!

    This is ridiculous!

  20. 28

    My step-cousin is actually a State Trooper and had dogs charge his dog and corner it and when he sprayed pepper spray, they lunged for him. He had to shoot and then of course, the news made it a HUGE deal.

    You have the right to protect yourself and your family (Pets included). I pray for a resolution quick for you!

  21. 29

    That is absolute insanity. On top of everything already mentioned I’d also recommend you try to get a hold of the local newspaper or TV station. Often a bit of media is all it takes to get these services to get their butts in gear and do their jobs.

  22. 30

    Hate to say this but id lace meat with poison and its a done deal.

  23. 31

    This is HORRIBLE! I am so sorry Toni!! Ugh. People and their unruly dogs drive me nuts. Your poor Yorkie. 🙁

  24. 32

    Have you thought about calling the media?

  25. 33

    I am sorry this has happened! My sis went through the same ordeal just recently.

  26. 34

    I’m in the laced meat camp. This is just unacceptable. Your poor little dog – nevermind the fear you are feeling in your own backyard. Ridiculous!

  27. 35

    Oh how awful! Have to tried calling the local news. Sounds like this maybe something they would be willing to step in and make a story out of. If nothing else, at least it will call enough attention to it. I am so sorry you are dealing with this!!

  28. 36

    That is just awful! I am so sorry!

  29. 37

    I wish I had answers for you. I would keep trying to get something done about it.

  30. 38

    Honey I know EXACTLY what you are going through! My chihuahua was attacked by my neighbors pit bull in HER OWN YARD! The attack was unprovoked. The pit was wagging it’s tail when it walked up and then out of nowhere attacked her. There was blood everywhere. I took her to the vet and they had to do surgery on her because they were scared the pit had ripped the lacy lining of her intenstines. She looked like hamburger meat at the grocery store. You could just about see straight through her. I dont know how she even lived. Luckily, surgery went well and she recovered. It was very tough in those months of healing. My husband “invented” a suspenders type outift for her out of velcro. She had to wear womens maxi pads around her whole bottom half of her bottom attahed by the velcro suspenders. I had to change her bandages 2 times a day. I have a very weak stomach and this was a real task for me because it was bad. We made it through though and so did she. She now has 2 scars on both sides that look like identions but atleast she lived. My neighbor was very uncooperative. I reported him to animal control and the local police but neither did anything. The police would not get involved b/c it was a dog incident not a human that was attacked. The animal control wrote a report but that was about it. I begged and pleaded that more be done b/c pits are so notorious for attacks. I was SO thankful my kids were not hurt but now I was scared to let my kids or dog out alone in the yard! I felt prisoner to my own house. I still have failed to resolve anything. I did extensive research on dog attacks. I suggest you check on It is a great website full of info. I was shocked when i seen all the innocent kids (and adults!) that were killed by dogs…mainly pits. People need to be better educated about vicious dogs and those who own them should be more responsible. Im afraid pits are the new trend b/c i teach school and I hear alot of kids talking about getting a pit bull. I am so glad you posted this to make others aware. An attack happens so fast and it’s victims suffer tremendously.

  31. 39

    What Liz said about the Media might be a good idea. our local news always does segments on stuff like this.

    so sorry…

  32. 40

    That’s just crazy. I hope something gets done.

  33. 41
    Lauralee Hensley

    See if there is a city or county ordinance that says so many times a dog bites another dog or person and it has to be put down. Make sure every time you call the police that you tell them you demand a written report about the incident and the neighbors dogs coming into your back fenced yard and biting your animals. Tell them that you want it put in the report that you fear for your children’s safety. Keep all the vet records. The county should be checking to see those dogs have rabies tags on their necks and if they don’t the dogs should be taken to the pound even if the neighbors aren’t home, that is for the safety of not only your animals, but for the humans residing at your address or who may visit your address. Take them to court and take all the documentation copies from the police dept., vet department, photo’s etc.. Those people should be sued not only for the vet fees, but for emotional distress and infringement upon your children’s pursuit of happiness. Happiness for a child should include feeling safe enough to be out in your own fenced in back yard to play without fear of being attacked by the people who live next door dogs. Contact your local TV and newspaper and let them know your situation and show them the pictures, often they can help you get the ball rolling, by getting the story out. Contact your city or county mayor or other high officials and let that person know how the animal control is not doing it’s job and that if the animal control doesn’t start following through that you’ll be suing the city or county that has jurisdiction over that part of the municipality. Believe me saying the word sue may make you look like a P.I.A., but the squeeky wheel is the one that gets greased.

  34. 42
    Lauralee Hensley

    By the way, I feel strongly about this because my sis-in-law was bitten badly by a dog that they’d complained about to it’s owners several times. That dog was running loose and cornered my sis-in-law in her own front yard more than once before it finally bite her one day. They sued. They dog was put down because there was a record of another bite by that animal on record. That county in FL had a law about a second bite by an animal and it had to be put down because it was too aggressive. She won not only her medical bills in small claims court, which were about $500, but also for pain and suffering. The max they allowed in that small claims court was $5000, so she won $4500 for the pain and suffering to bring that total up to the max that small claims could offer. The judge had no sympathy for the dog owners because of all the police records showing that my sis-in-law had called on that at-large dog and the address of who the dog belonged to. She also had photo’s showing that dog not only in her yard, but in other neighbors yards. She also had two neighbors, older ones who didn’t have to go to work, go with her to small claims and tell the judge about how the dog would corner them and snarl and show their teeth (a sign of aggression). I really think you can win this in small claims and I think the dogs will be taken away from those people. I wouldn’t care of I pissed them off because they aren’t neighbors, they are just people living next door. Neighbors are nice and wouldn’t let their dogs do that.

  35. 43

    Oh my goodness.. This breaks my heart.. I’m so sorry. What about contacting your local news?

  36. 44

    I think it is disgusting that no one is willing to step in and take action against these people. What if that were one of your children? If they are doing it to your dogs, I am sure they are causing trouble everywhere else too.

  37. 45

    This is awful. I am so sorry no one is helping you!

  38. 46
    Canadian Mom Blogger

    I’m so sorry you are going through this.

  39. 47

    How awful! I’m at a lost for words as this saddens me.

  40. 48

    Oh my how horrible I’m sorry your family and dog had to go through that. I hope the wounds heal quickly

  41. 49

    Oh Toni, your pictures are heartbreaking. I hope this nightmare is over soon for your family.

  42. 50

    It’s wrong, but I know why Animal Control does *not* pick them up – they don’t pick them up because by the time they get there, the dogs are back in their own yard. It’s the same here – except that if we have proof that we have animals that have been attacked, the city’s vicious animal law kicks in and the animals are seized and most likely euthanized, especially if there is proof of multiple attacks.

    This is horrible and it is the city’s responsibility to ensure that you and your children are safe! Perhaps a lawsuit against your city is in order – if nothing else the threat might scare them into doing something.

  43. 51

    SOOO sad 🙁