fulfilled all the same! As I sit here with teeth barred, fists clinched, ready to attack…oh wait I am not a vampire, I am not a vampire (though I have laid claim to Edward Cullen, the fictional character I plan to spend every night until forever in my dreams with)

Saturday I picked up my pre-ordered copy of Breaking Dawn and must I even tell you how wonderful the book was. It was the finality I needed yet still left me craving more of Edward and Bella.

I could not have asked for a better book to end the PHENOMINAL series with! It had the perfect element of romance, suspense, thrill, happiness, sadness and just kept you from being able to put it down! I mean who in the world would not love a romance triangle that involves a human, vampire and a wolf boy! Both of which (the vampire and wolfboy) are extremely beautiful, well my image of them anyways!

I surely hope you all know of this series and have read it! If you have not heard of it I assume you have been living under a rock or in a cave because it is the next best thing following Harry Potter (whom happens to have another man from my fantasy, the one and only Sirius Black). And if you have not read this series yet you are missing out and I command want you to go and get the first book which will leave you “thirsty” for more!

So for those that have read it what did you think of the final book of The Twilight series? If you have not read it, have I peaked your interest enough to go out and buy it? Just remember Edward is in my fantasy and I am not sharing!


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  1. 1

    OMG – I AM living under a rock and will pick up the first book in this series ASAP. Shoot – I'm going to bring it up for my book club, too!

    Can't wait for HP & The Half Blood Prince to come out in November – I already told Hubz that me and the 2 older boys will be out that night. 😉

  2. 2

    Oh!!!!!!! Meeeee tooo! I already told my dh that we would be making the trip to Branson to see it in the Imax theater LOL. I love me some HP. And yes you need to go out and get this series! It is absolutely wonderful

  3. 3

    I just got home from BFE (my mom’s) so I haven’t gotten to start reading yet. But you can bet I’ll finish it tonight, even if it means I don’t go to sleep until 4 am.