I am in the middle of having a heart attack

okay so maybe it is just anxiety/excitement! In about 40 minutes I will be rushing to ticketmaster to get my dream of all dreams (well today it’s my dream anyways)! I am going to purchase tickets to see New Kids on The Block! I am absolutely dying from anticipation waiting for 9:00 my time to hit. Now everyone who reads the blog if you could spare a quick thought/prayer that I will get these tickets and my day, well crap my year, will be made! I have loved them since I was 10 years old and am a current *cough* stalker *cough* fan of Jon!

My husband knew just what to say after the eyeroll this morning when I told him today was the big day…
He said “I want to go ahead and apologize now”
Me: For what?
Him: “Well because I know if you don’t get them you will be really upset and somehow it will be my fault”

Man I have him trained right. So here’s to my heart and the need I have for it to slow down, I don’t think I have been this jacked up since I used to eat candy by the gallon in middle school. Funny what a crush from your tweens will do to you.

Oh and a side note my oldest son who is 8 is so excited to go see them with me, yes history seems to repeat itself every so often

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    Congrats! You won a case of Primo water at our blog bash. Please forward us your shipping info.

  2. 2

    I am rooting for you! It sounds like something you really want to do and that is what makes life so great – opportunities like these!


  3. 3

    Thanks Jen! I got them, though I have had a horrendous headache so the giddiness hasn’t kicked in yet. I am happy just not over the top that I had planned on but I am sure that is too come!