I Adore Cover Girl’s Smoky Eye Kit #smokyeyes

As most of you know (well those who know me anyway) I am a HUGE fan of all things makeup.  In the last year I did the unthinkable and cleaned out my makeup bags.  I got rid of over 300 pieces of makeup.  What can I say I have an addiction to things that are pretty.  Well never fear I was left with hundreds of items still so I definitely am not in a real need of needing any items.  However want and need are two totally different things.

I WANTED Cover Girl Smoky Eye Kit in Natural, yes I did and thanks to Collective Bias and Cover Girl I was able to get that.  I was sent a Walmart Gift Card to purchase the kit with and I went right to purchasing, after all a girl with money to spend on make up is like a kid in a candy store (or for me at least).  All we had to do is Whrrl our stories from purchase to use and then do a video tutorial using the kit, if we so wanted.

Now you know me and video go hand in hand so who was I to even think about passing up the video part of this experiment.  I think secretly they all hoped I would want to be involved since I am such a ham.  Hey who better to do a Cover Girl demonstration than the fun girl who dances around without a second thought.  Though much to your disappointment I am sure, I did not dance while doing my tutorial.  Liquid liner and myself do not mix well when I am standing still so add dancing into the mix and it’s a sure fire way to end myself up in the ER having an eye replacement.  Wouldn’t be pretty and we are going for pretty with this kit people!  Or HOT I like hot better so we are going for Hot!

Moving on.  The first part of the experiment was simply to whrrl our purchases from either one of the participating Walmarts (the ones that actually carried the Cover Girl Smoky Eye Kits) or from  Now I had to do mine online because none of the stores around me had the kits.  So without further ado, I take you to my purchase story:

My Purchase Whrrl Story

Now I know you are all drooling over the Natural Kit that I selected because well it’s HOT, however there are two others. One that is a blue based Smoky Eye called Bold. The other is the “traditional” Smoky Eye look, a charcoal color called Glamourous. Now I think they are both absolutely gorgeous, but me being a bit worried I might mess something up I went the safe route. Sorry if you are looking for daring this time you are going to be disappointed. I was chicken plain and simple but the Natural kit is gorgeous too.

Now once my kit arrived I dove right in as if it were a cool pool on a sweltering day. In the package are 3 items, the dual eye color stick, liquid eyeliner (kill me now) and the mascara. I can’t really put into words my experience so I have two things for you to see it through. If you want a click glance at the process click through my whrrl story. However if you are looking for a laugh and want to watch me fumble my way through liquid liner watch the video tutorial…BEWARE though I do not offer refunds of the 9.5 minutes of your life you will spend laughing at me:

My whrrl using the Smoky Eye Kit

My Video Tutorial of Smoky Eyes:

Now if you are a beginner or a veteran with makeup you are going to love these kits. With the instructions on the back like this:

It makes creating a Smoky Eye Look pretty much elementary. You can choose how drastic you make the Smokiness on yourself. Cover Girl Smoky Eye Kits are a perfect all in one for you, pick one (or all 3 up, which I will eventually do) at (or a Walmart near you if they carry them, not all of them do though). Now maybe next time I will go a little more drastic with my Smokiness and if I do you will be the first to see.

*I was supplied a gift card to purchase the kit with. There was no monetary compensation for this post. Opinions on the kit are that of myself and are not influenced by the reception of the gift card to purchase the kit with. Thank you to Collective Bias and Cover Girl for allowing me to have this opportunity.

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  1. 1

    I find when I apply liquid eyeliner it helps to pull the lid taute with my free hand and the use a stationary mirror. The liner goes on much smoother IMO.
    .-= Siera´s last blog ..Spicy Peanut Noodle Dish A La Frank =-.

  2. 3

    It is SOOO very hard from me every night I work (at Walgreens if you didn’t know) in the cosmetic department not to come home with something NEW to play with. The point of working however is to buy food for my family, not to fill my cosmetic bag! I cleaned out just about everything when we moved. I had so many things I never used. Right now I have the basics, but would love some new things to play with. Soon, very soon, I have my eyes on some things! I love the packaging of the CG orange mascara!

    • 4

      You treat yourself girl, you deserve it. I know all too well the whole the money has to be for the family stuff, just make sure you are every so often doing something for yourself too 🙂

  3. 5

    That was fun! I love me some liquid eyeliner. It’s usually all I use. I think I’ll have to check that out!
    .-= Heather´s last blog ..A Night Out =-.

    • 6

      I have always been very intimidated with liquid liner but I will get better with this kit…it’s a goal LOL. They are definitely worth trying out.

  4. 7
    Sarah Daigle Scott

    Hey Toni,
    Thanks for the amazing job you are doing for CoverGirl and Collective Bias! You are so funny and cute. I think watching the #smokyeyes be revealed at @Blissdom is going to be so fun for the people there; and those of us lurking from home!
    .-= Sarah Daigle Scott´s last blog ..Snow Garden =-.

  5. 8

    you make me laugh. Do you use any of the cream eyeshadow as a base? You may like it and I think Covergirl may make one. As my base, I use an Aveda one – I find all my eyeshadow sticks so much better and still looks good after many hours.
    .-= Allison´s last blog ..For Rent: Runway Fashion =-.

  6. 9

    This looks really neat! Thanks for sharing 🙂
    .-= Julie´s last blog ..Remember The Very Hungry Caterpillar? (Oh yeah, a giveaway, too) =-.

  7. 10

    I wish this kit was sold at Walgreen’s or Rite Aid. I would love to give it a try. I know I could order it on-line, but I still wish I could buy it in a store near me. Of course, by “near me” I mean less than four blocks 🙂

    Thanks for the video. You did a great job. I agree with another poster that a stationary mirror would be an improvement.

  8. 11

    Great video. The kit looks awesome.

  9. 12

    Thanks for the how-to & tips. I want smokey eyes so bad & I have such a hard time making it look like it should (sexy) and not like my husband punched me in the eye. Thanks!
    Kelly Deaton – (aka)

  10. 13

    awesome review, i can’t wait to get my hands on these products… i’ve always loved cover girl!

  11. 14

    I think you did a decent job. This makeup looks easy to apply (thank goodness for me! 🙂 )

  12. 15

    I love your Vlog/video clip, whatever you call it. Clear and interesting, make me want to try those kits. You did good with liquid liner, at least it’s straight.

  13. 16

    GREAT!!! tips and I would like to try some liquid eyeliner. I’m so basic when it comes to make-up.

  14. 17

    I watched your video. I hope I can make it come out good.

  15. 18

    Great video! You are too cute! I didn’t realize that they were making a “natural” kit for a smoky eye – I would love to use that for day to day use 🙂

  16. 19

    Wow! It really warms up your face actually giving it that fresh healthy glow…loved the video review!