Home Buying Process = Me Excited, Stressed, And Much More

We are slowly getting as settled as we can here at my moms although with ten of us living in a 3 bedroom home it’s not what you would call comfortable.  I love my family but I (and I am sure they) need space.  So we are staying with them while we have been house hunting.  And house hunting we have been.  I have decided through this house hunting process I think I would like being a realtor for the simple fact I could go walking in these house all the time.  However that is not a good reason to go into a profession so I think I will refrain.

Now it would be all fine and dandy going in houses and seeing them if I weren’t looking to buy.  It might actually be fun!  When I am the one buying though it gets repetitive and slightly annoying (yes even when I request to go look at them).  The first house I looked at was AMAZING and we were sure that was it.  Total of 2200ish square feet, nine houses away from my mom, in a great neighborhood, 2 miles away from the schools AND we have a Publix!!  Of course when you look at that first house and think it’s perfect then you start to get nervous “What if it’s not”  What if there is something better” .

So on we went to look at some more houses.  Some were great but overpriced.  Some prices were great but the house wasn’t.  So you want to know what we finally ended up doing?  Putting an offer on the house we thought was perfect, the first one.  I would have saved myself almost heat death if I would have just went with my gut to begin with.  It’s never that simple though right.  So forward we go with the house buying process.  Hopefully at the end of it I will have some of my sanity and nerves left.

Now off I go to call the lady at Wells Fargo to have her correct something else.  This process is killing me.  But in the end it will be well worth it.  Even if we are sitting on the floor and sleeping on the floor LOL.  We sold pretty much everything before we moved.

Have a great Monday and look back to see what else I have in store for you.  Or watch my sanity slowly escape me!

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    good for you guys! When we purchased our first house, we had the same thing happen to us. We loved the house we bought (only the 4th we looked at in person) and everyone kept telling us to look more. We were pretty specific in our search and wanted to stay within a certain budget. Ultimately, I’m beyond happy with our decision.

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    Now where’s the sponsor with the cork to stop the sanity from escaping when you need them?
    Good luck.

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    WOW, your blog is amazing! I just started blogging recently and love it. I stumbled upon your blog and am absoluted dazzled by it! Great work! I just wanted to let you know that I used to be a loan officer so if you have any questions along the way feel free to ask me. It can be a stressful process if your loan officer has not set the expectations properly in the beginning. But is also very exciting! All the best to you! 🙂