#HolidayRoads Comes To An End: My Final Thoughts

As a final wrap up post to my #holidayroads travel experience I am going to share my thoughts on the Bergan Pet Harness.  Before I do let me share with you my Final Bergan Product shop.  We were supposed to do this mid trip, which I did, but the store didn’t have any Bergan products so instead you get my wrap up shop.  As you can tell I will be prepared with a water and food bowl for our drive down to Florida when we move next month.  Little Dexter will now have his own food handy on the trip down.

If you want to read my first post (that has links to all my previous whrrl’s) you can read all about it from Dexter’s Point of View.  He sure had a lot to say on the subject I tell ya.

Now to wrap up I am going to tell you my thoughts on using the Bergan Harness.  We had to buy the small harness due to Dexter’s weight.  The small harness is good for dogs 10-25 pounds.  Now while the concept of the harness is absolutely wonderful I do think the weigh range may need to be looked at.  On a little being 15 pounds can make a big difference.  We got the harness snug on Dexter  as you can see above and we were ready to go.  We got his tether hooked to the seat belt and there he sat like a big boy in the seat next to his brother.

As we started our trip all was well, I loved the fact that Dexter wasn’t roaming around the car.  Something that wasn’t safe for him or his humans.  We had the whining because usually the hour trips we take he is free to roam (yes yes this is not safe but until this project we didn’t know of harnesses).  We gave him a treat and all was well for a bit.

Then he figured out how to wriggle out of the harness, I had no idea he was a trained contortionist.  So over we pulled and made the harness a little snugger just in case, though it seemed to me it was almost too tight but we can’t have him be unsafe.  So we got him all set up again and were fine for a bit down the road when next thing we new he was out again.  At this point (we leave in the evening) it was late night we gave up and barracaded him in.  We couldn’t keep stopping or this already 14 hour trip would have been much to long.

While I love the harness for short trips, I haven’t quite figured out how to keep him in for long times without making it too tight on him and I think part of that has to do with the vast weight different for sizes.  It worked great when he didn’t wriggle out of it but I am not sure what we could have done differently to keep him in it besides sit next to him so he doesn’t get ancy and pull a houdini.

If there had been a small that wasn’t for a 15 pound different weight range I think it would have worked fine.  We made sure it was secure on him and on the seat belt but somehow he was still getting out.  Overall I think the harness is a wonderful product and love the fact that it keeps my dog and my family safe. I just have to figure out how in the world my dog is getting out of it.  We will test it again soon on our move, hopefully by then he will be able to put it back on (he got a fracture on one of his legs, my poor baby dog).  If not we will get the Travel Pet Barrier so at least he can’t be jumping up to the front.

Keep you and your pets safe when traveling, they will thank you for it.

Florida here we come again…in a few weeks!

Disclosure: This post is part of my Holiday Roads experience through Collective Bias.  I am being compensated, though compensation does not influence my opinions.  All opinions are honest and as always my own.

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