Here I Go…Off To My First Day Of College!

College student

Obviously, I’ve been slacking on my blogging (I have plenty of drafts written, but never sit down to finish them…I must finish the letter to my high school senior before he graduates). I’ve been busy with life and enjoying my children all summer and that’s been so freeing and full of memories.

However, now I have another reason that you may not see me around as much as you are used to during school year. I’m starting college. I told you all about it in this post, but the day is finally here. Nervous is an understatement. Less than a month ago, I celebrated my 20th-year high school reunion and here I am going to school…after TWENTY years y’all!

I had planned my degree to be early childhood education but I have decided I may actually want to teach older kids. This is my fourth year coaching rec cheerleading and I am with middle schoolers and I just love them, they are funny (albeit I have to deal with attitude sometimes), sweet and I love coaching them. That made me realize, that while I do want to teach kindergarten I shouldn’t limit myself. So Iam going for elementary education with a minor in English.

I am super nervous and excited, all at the same time, about this journey. In less than one hour (from the time I am posting this article) I will be in my first class. I am a little bit nervous about math, as it’s never been my strong suit, but I can’t wait to take on this new chapter of life and show it who’s boss.

So, here’s to the first day of school in twenty years! The first day of college ever. And the first day of many memories I am sure I will cherish through my college experience. If you think of me, say a prayer. Now, let’s do this!

Here’s a little live video I did on my facebook page (go ahead and become a fan if you aren’t) this morning so you can get the real feel on how I’m feeling (because you know you can’t really tell in text LOL):

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