Here comes Peter Cottontail and haircut….

Happy Easter 2008! Hope everyone had a wonderful day today, or still having one depending on your time zone. I apologize for slacking on the blog, my life has been anything but calm lately whether it be the car continually having something wrong, kids sick, friendships wavering, or just that I am too tired I just have not kept up with the blog like I should but now I am hoping to get back in the game and start blogging daily starting today!

We had a wonderful Easter. We started the festivities last night about 10 p.m. dying eggs and kids up til midnight and me up until 2 a.m. making sure the easter bunny made his rounds and left baskets for my kids ( I did not want to have to be the first parent to kick bunny butt in case he forgot). Well finally when the baskets were left I went to sleep, but not before taking pictures. Here are the baskets and extra eggs the easter bunny left, Bella’s is the pink one, Gabriels in the middle, and Aidans on the right.

Of course the kids woke up before it was light outside to see what the Easter bunny had left them and they were excited and ready to dig into the candy. I wonder when the Easter bunny will learn that candy and kids in early morning hours just don’t mix well. So after prying the chocolate bunnies from the kids hands and showing them the non edible stuff we ate breakfast, and then got ready for church. Somehow we always get a picture singly with the kids but never as a whole family, we must fix that soon. But here are some pictures of Bella in her easter dress and of the kids, me with the kids, and Brent with the kids right before leaving for church.

After church we did not do the traditional Easter dinner at home we decided we wanted to eat at Red Robins, nothing better than a big juicy burger on EAster. By the way their chocolate milkshake is to die for. After that we returned home and hid 76 eggs and then Bella, Aidan and Gabriel went and looked for them. Bella and Aidan were not real sure what to do at first and just kind of trailed Gabriel so I helped Bella and Brent helped Aidan so they could find some and actually get them LOL. They had a blast.

So all in all it was a great Easter and we celebrated Jesus rising as a family, my mother and sister in law came up last night to spend it with us so that made it super special. I hope you all had a wonderful easter as well.

And before I go some haircut/color pictures, the color is perfect and the haircut I really like although it was not supposed to be this short but the girl I went to messed it up so I had to have another lady fix it but it turned out cute at least right!

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    Looks like fun and love the new hair cut.