HELP NEEDED: Please Read and Spread The Word (SERIOUS)

I don’t do a lot of posts asking for help on my blog because I don’t want my readers rolling their eyes at a post and saying “Here she is asking for help yet again”. My blog isn’t a way to gain traffic from tragedy.   Therefore I save posts like these for charities and situations close to my heart or ones that I feel very strongly about.

Several months ago my mom’s friends daughter (who coincidentally lived with us for a few years and became one of my dear dear friends) was diagnosed with a kidney that was failing and was told that the only hope was a transplant.  While she waits for something to come available she is on dialysis.  She is married with 4 children (3 girls and a boy).  After this news which in and of itself is devastating she gets hit with another blow several months later.

While at a check up they noticed some abnormalities and did several tests.  The results were to say the least a shock.  Not only is her kidney failing her and she is holding on for a replacement.  The test results showed that she has both pancreatic and intestinal cancer.  Can you imagine as a mother of four what all the things going through your mind must be at this point, not to mention what do you say to your children.  My heart has been breaking for this family and I have been praying like I have never prayed before.  I don’t understand why things happen and maybe I am never meant to understand but I can pray and I do pray.

Last Friday night (3/19) the family’s home burned to essentially nothing.  No one was home thank goodness, but this family who is already going through so much has now lost Everything they owned.  Four children who are already dealing with the horrible circumstances of their moms diagnosis now have nothing.  A husband standing by a wife who is fighting for her life daily, neither of them have anything left.  Can you imagine having to start over when you are already going through so much?

What I am asking of you today is to help them in any way possible.  Share it with your friends, family, church, moms group anyone you think may be able to help them in some way.  We are looking for items that can help them regain what they lost in the fire.  Below I have their sizes listed if you or someone you know can help in anyway.  I am sure there are financial ways to help as well but I don’t know the specifics of those.  My mother, Rhonda, would be the best person to contact if you have any questions. You can email her at Rhonda.Fulfer @ Yahoo.Com (minus the spaces of course).

Here is the families clothing sizes:

Lexie (girl,13) and her sizes are Size 1-2 junior long, junior large tops and 8-8.5 narrow adult shoe.

Tanner (boy,12) sizes 29 x 32 pants, med/lrg top (mens) 11 adult shoe.

Emma (girl, 10) sizes: 9-10 regular junior size pants, x-xxl large top in junior, and 9 adult shoe

Emily (girl, 7) sizes: 7-8 girls clothes and shoe is 13-1 (kids)

Brandi (mom) sizes: 12-14 pants adult, xl top, and size 8.5-9 shoe (adult)

Eric (dad) sizes: 33×34 pants, xl top, and size 10 shoe.

Again any way you can help would be appreciated.  Please lift this family up in your prayers and thoughts as you can tell from the situations they have and are going though they need those prayers and thoughts.  It’s time for the attacks to stop on this family and the blessings to start.  Thank you in advance for your thoughts and prayers and anything at all you can do for this family.

Here is a video clip of the house after the fire:

Again thank you for any help you can provide or any word you can spread.

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    Hi Toni. I wrote a post linking to yours and added them to my prayer list.
    .-= Kelly from Kelly’s Lucky You´s last blog ..Family Fighting Cancer Has House Fire =-.

  2. 2

    Hi Toni,
    This post just broke my heart. I have a tons of clothes we are getting ready to get rid of, and I perked up at the thought of being able to help. Unfortunately none of the sizes will work 🙁 I will be praying for this family and I have posted this on my facebook and tweeted in hopes that others can help.

    Please post an update if there is something else they need. What state is this in? Perhaps there will be local avenues for helping with food, sundries, toys, books for the kids, etc.
    .-= Serendipity is Sweet´s last blog ..Quotable Sunday – Babies =-.