Happy Monday! What Are Your Weekly Goals?

Life seems like it is so much more hectic lately. I feel like I am being pulled in so many different direction and some of the areas I want to focus most on are getting the least amount of focus. So, I thought why not share my weekly goals with my readers. Maybe I can even make it back here and cross them off as I accomplish them!

I would, also, love for you to share your weekly goals in the comments, then return each time you meet one and share with me. I bet it keeps you committed to meeting as many goals as you can.

Make it easy and just make goals for Monday through Friday, give yourself the weekends off (or to finish any goals you set for the weekdays that you may not have been able to accomplish for one reason or another

My Weekly Goals for 10/3-10/7

  • Finish every bit of laundry I have in piles in my house (to include hanging and putting up the clothes, not just piling them on beds)
  • Finish cheer routine at first practice of the week (that’s TONIGHT eek)
  • Drink at least 2 glasses of water 5 days this week (I am horrible about drinking water)
  • Go one (or more) full day without even a sip of soda.
  • Write at least 4 blog posts this week (hey, this one counts so I am 1/4 way to that goal y’all)
  • Do something special for myself *this is going to be tricky because I don’t like to do much for myself*
  • Get my kids their favorite candy bar as a surprise treat
  • Clean out work email!

Okay that’s my goal list for this week. It’s not super long but honestly it’s daunting for me. The water and blog posts may be the biggest challenge!  I’m super excited to start doing this each Monday (may or may not do a post each week), making a list of goals for the week. I really think this will help me accomplish more!

So, what are your weekly goals for this week?

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