Happy 4th of July

This is not going to be some deep post but I just wanted to say Happy 4th before the day was over. Today is my mom’s birthday (she just had to be born on a day with fireworks so she could have the best party of anyone in the family LOL). I am still in Pensacola Beach, Florida (my home) and my vacation is coming to the end! I am sad because I want to stay here but I will enjoy my last few days here and then cry, as always, when I have to return to Arkansas.

I have lots of stories from the first two day, when all my kc girls were here. So be on the lookout for those LOL. I know my google reader will have hundreds of unread blogs and it should be quite fun to catch up on all of your blogs!

Tonight for the big last night in the condo, we are cooking crabs and grilling fish, that my husband caught yesterday while getting burnt to a crisp *Yes I snickered because I have been there and it was quite comical to hear him whine like a little girl, I am mean aren’t I??* Anyhoo after dinner we will go to the back of our condo and watch the big fireworks show and just enjoy time with each other before packing up tomorrow. Tomorrow we will go to the big waterpark then stay the night with my mom and then head out Sunday.

Hope all your 4th of July has been memorable and wonderful time spent with family. My usual wit will return around Tuesday or Wednesday of next week once I am recooperated from the 14 hour drive.

Happy 4th!

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    awe toni.. LOL we’ve missed u. hope to see u soon and that u have gotten some rest.

  2. 2

    Crabs and grilled fish…hmmmm..this sounds outstanding!! I’m from Baltimore originally, so I love seafood!! I try to get crabs every time I go home!