Guylian Chocolate Review and Giveaway (WINNERS ANNOUNCED)

Congratulations Nicole and Jill e!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and one of the things I love to get as a gift is chocolate. Chocolate and I are great friends especially when it’s rich and tasty like Guylian Belgian Chocolate. I was sent a package of pure yumminess. Chocolate, Chocolate, and more chocolate was in the box and my mouth did a little summersault of joy. Of course my kids were as excited as I was about this delivery. Let me share with you a little bit more about how Guylian came to be.

Guy Foubert was a passionate Belgian Chocolatier making handmade chocolate truffles in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium. In 1958, Guy and Liliane joined their names, both in marriage and in their company name creating Chocolaterie Guylian; a small, artisanal chocolate maker. Today, Guylian crafts the finest authentic Belgian chocolate truffles, selling them to chocolate lovers in Belgium and in more than 100 countries across the world. Guylian Artisanal Belgian Chocolates provide the ultimate experience for chocolate lovers. Each luxurious chocolate seashell is marbled with 100% pure, silky smooth milk, dark or white Belgian chocolate. Our irresistible seashell chocolates are filled with a rich, decadent, and luxuriously creamy chocolate truffle; the original handmade recipe of Guy & Liliane. Our signature truffle recipe is still made in small-batch copper kettles exclusively by Guylian’s Master Chocolatiers in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium.

I love learning the history behind the company. However, history is great but it boils down to taste factor when chocolate (or any food) is involved. If it doesn’t taste good, then great history or not, it’s not going to fly. So I pulled the harshest of critics to help me with this review….my daughter, like her mother she is a lover of all things chocolate and not shy to share her opinion. First up we tried their Chocolate Bars..

I took it upon myself to taste the dark chocolate while my daughter grabbed up the milk chocolate. We both savored each bite even taking a few dips in some peanut butter. I have to say the dark chocolate was delish, bitter yet sweet just the way I prefer my dark chocolate. My daughter went on and on about how yummy the milk chocolate one was so Guylian wins in her eyes. I am not a fan of milk chocolate unless with peanut butter, so I took a nibble after dipping it and it was so very tasty. Sweet and savory how milk chocolate should be. The chocolate bars were definitely a hit with us.

Next up was the Artisanal Belgian Chocolate Truffles:

Living near the ocean, I got a kick out of the sea shell and seahorse (above) shaped truffles. The next thing I noticed was the mixture of chocolates….milk, dark and white chocolate together to make a very eye catching design for a treat. Now the big taste test! My daughter opted out of this one since she is not a fan of truffles in general but I was ready to take them on. As I bit into the seahorse, I noticed the combined flavors of the chocolate overtake my taste buds. The truffle filling was rich and smooth. Yes, my mouth fell in love with the truffles. Since I have received them I have steadily enjoyed a truffle a day, chocolate is good for you after all!

You can eat the truffles alone, with coffee, pair with wine, anytime! When you are eating them take a moment to experience each moment of taste! Available at certain retailers nationwide they should be near you, to find out check their product locator. These would definitely make this mama happy this Mother’s Day. They are tasty, pretty to look at and the whole family could enjoy them with me, what more could a mom ask for.


Two (2) lucky readers will each win a Guylian Prize Pack that includes:
One – 22 piece box of Guylian Artisanal Belgian Original Chocolate Truffles
Two – 6 piece Original Chocolate Truffle Boxes
Four – 2 piece Original Chocolate Truffle Boxes

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