Goodnites Bed Mats Wrap Up


About 2 months ago I started an ambassadorship for Goodnites Bed Mats. Up until last night we really haven’t had a need for them, which is good of course. Last night the game changed and we had a reason to be thankful. My middle got so sick last night and ended up throwing up in his bed, which would have made the mattress have a not so pleasant odor. Thankfully his Goodnites bed mat was able to soak up, what I could not get off the bed fast enough.

While we haven’t had any nighttime potty accidents, I am so glad we have the Goodnites bed mats for those times when we may have them. Nighttime bed wetting is an issue that affects so many kids now days. Sometimes it is a pretty regular occurrence and other times it is once in a blue moon. Regardless if it is something constant or just a few times, it’s nice to know their mattress can be protected.

In years past (like when I was a child) it was custom to keep a plastic cover under the fitted sheet in case of nighttime bed wetting. I remember them just like I remember the plastic panties. They were great for saving the mattress but not so great for the kiddo. I never used them because I was not a fan at all. First off, plastic doesn’t absorb so they would be laying in or wearing urine until it was taken off. Not cool! Second, the noise, even if they never had an accident, the plastic was noisy and that can make falling asleep hard.

I, as a mom, definitely prefer the quiet absorbing material GoodNites Bed Mats offers. It’s perfect to keep their bed clean, keep their little egos in tact, and really a great product in my personal opinion. Nighttime bed wetting is already a sensitive issue, why make it any harder or embarrassing. Simply slide the GoodNites Bed Mats under the fitted sheet and save their bed and their feelings. Be sure to check out the coupon they are offering if you are going to pick up a package for your home!

**I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of GoodNites. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.**

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    Goodnites seem really cool. Even if an accident never happens like you said, you at least have the knowledge that the sheets and bed won’t be soaking IF it happens