Go Glamping With Mega Bloks Barbie™ Build ‘n Play Luxe Camper {Giveaway}


Barbie is taking to nature, in her own way with the MEGA BLOKS BARBIE™ BUILD ‘N PLAY LUXE CAMPER.  It’s no surprise, I am much more of a glamping kind of girl…seems Barbie and I have a lot in common.  My daughter and I had the chance to have a little mother/daughter fun as we built the MEGA BLOKS BARBIE™ BUILD ‘N PLAY LUXE CAMPER together.

Barbie™ and her little sister Chelsea™ head out on a coast to coast, fun-filled road trip in the Mega Bloks Barbie™ Build ’n Play Luxe Camper. Build and decorate the sparkling pink camper any way you want as Barbie™ and Chelsea™ visit all of their favorite attractions and hottest stores. Now it’s time to unwind and take a dip in the hot tub before setting up the picnic table for a tasty treat. Later, Barbie™ builds a fire and lazes around on a lounge chair, while Chelsea™ heads out for a quick scooter ride. Glamping has never been more relaxing!

This sparkling holiday cruiser opens up to reveal everything and let you enjoy the Camper on the inside, including bunk beds, make-up area and the front seats. Set out on the road with Barbie™ and Chelsea™ and make it a trip you’ll never forget!

Combine your Build ‘n Play Luxe Camper with other Mega Bloks Barbie™ sets and build the Barbie™ world you imagine!
Ideal for ages 4-10!

Combine with all of the Mega Bloks Barbie™ sets to build a fabulous world of fashion, friends and fun!

I will admit, these Mega Blok building toys, do have  A LOT of pieces and while it says for ages 4-10…I honestly don’t think my 8 year old daughter would have been able to tackle this alone.  Also, if you have a child who is apt to putting things in their mouths, you will definitely want to be there to help with this project. Which, is exactly why, I think this is great parent/child bonding time.  To give you an idea of what you will be dealing with as far as pieces go I have a few photos:

barbie instructionsBarbie Mega Bloks Camper piecesmega bloks building pieces

The box lets you know, it’s not for the faint of heart..or for those who get frustrated with little pieces…because there are 305 of them! However, we were ready to take on the task and get Barbie and her friend glamping as soon as possible!  With the help of little hands, I got to work!

Building Barbie Camper

What I love about the Mega Bloks Barbie line, are the easy to follow instructions.  In the front of the book, it tells you just how many pieces of each blok you should have.  Then each page breaks down what exact pieces you will need for that particular part of the build.   With sticker customizations, the Barbie Mega Blok line is always something my daughter and I enjoy together.  It’s crazy to me, that all those little individual pieces, can create something like the Luxe Camper…

Barbie Camper AccessoriesbArbie Megabloks Camper


  • Buildable vacation camper with hot tub, scooter and picnic table
  • Luxe Camper Barbie™ with interchangeable skirt, and for the first time Chelsea™
  • Highly detailed accessories like a fire pit, lounge chair, picnic table, flowers, make-up kit, bunk beds, and so much more!
  • Sparkling blocks to add a Barbie™ flair to your designs

My daughter has loved playing with the whole set and I have a feeling she will be rebuilding the Mansion soon, and have a whole Barbie Mega Bloks town!  Like I said, this may be hard for your little one to tackle alone, so make it some parent/kiddo time!  Watch a Barbie movie while you build and have a Barbie filled day!



One reader will win the Mega Bloks Barbie™ Build ‘n Play Luxe Camper!  Enter using the Giveaway Tools form below!

**Prizing & samples courtesy of Mega Bloks. Giveaway open to US addresses only**

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    I am definitely more of a fan of glamping.

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    Glamping is my favorite!

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    Maria Malaveci :

    Definitely glamping kind of girl. Never been much of a camper!

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    Most definitely glamping

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    I was going to say camping but Barbie makes glamping look like so much more fun so next time – I go glamping – LOL

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    I would have tosay glamping for sure!!

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    Patricia Wojnar Crowley :

    I would definitely be more of a glamping fan…

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    Oh most definitely glamming!!

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    Ilove camping!! It’s nice to get away from the regular world and spend some time enjoying the outdoors.

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    im glamping all the way! woo hoo

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    I’d rather go camping. I like roughing it a bit.

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    Debbie Jackson :

    I am a good camper………not so good at the glamping.

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    I am a fan of camping. I am not a glam girl.

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    natalie yeoman :

    i like glamping more than camping

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    Why am I jealous, I want one! Love Barbie!

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    Suzie Williams :

    Glamping for sure!

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    I am a fan of camping. Nothing fancy for me.

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    I’m more of a fan of glamping for sure!

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    I’m definitely more a fan on camping.

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    Camping! But I haven’t gone in ages. My husband and I were just talking about how we need to take my girls out camping Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

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    Rebecca Parsons :

    I think Glamping is more my cup of tea!

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    I’m not a fan of camping at all, truth be told. But if I had to go, it would be glamping all the way!

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