Fijit Friends And Yippit Review #Toys

fijit friends

What is a Fijit? All I knew was that it was a toy my daughter wanted badly. Imagine her excitement when Fijit Friend, Sage, and a Yippit arrived on our doorstep. It was like Christmas came early!

fijit friends

What are Fijit Friends (or a Yippit for that matter) exactly? Essentially they are little robots that will soon become your child’s favorite toy…or at least that’s the case in our home. **Side note: I had to pry my daughters new Fijit Friend out of her hands when she wanted to go to school LOL…that’s how much she loves these toys**

They are “robots” that interact with your child in a way that will have them giggling and having a great time. Whether they want to have a dance party or tell a few jokes, Fijit Friends sure know how to have a good time. They are able to follow a few simple commands, as well as interact with your child. They can dance to their music or the music you play, which has resulted in quite a bit of One Direction dance parties in our home.

Yippit, is the pet of your Fijit Friend. You can play with it alone or have them interact if you already own a Fijit Friend. Teach your Yippit new tricks and train them with the clap of a hand. Check out some of the video we took while trying out our Fijit Friend and Yippit for the first time:

Both of these toys have resulted in giggles and good times each day. We are still learning all about what they can do and how they interact but the journey is a fun one for my daughter. They do take a little time to figure out, but it’s so fun learning, my daughter doesn’t get frustrated like she does with other toys. We are having a blast with our Fijit Friend and Yippit and I am sure we will for some time to come.

Please note you do need to speak clearly. It took us a few tries to get our Fijit Friend to follow commands. At first each time we told her to dance, tell a joke, etc. she thought we said “Go to sleep” and started snoring away LOL. So, we figured we either weren’t speaking clearly enough or she was super tired.

What are some of your kids favorite interactive toys??

**I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Mattel Fijit Friends. I received product samples to facilitate my review.

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