Fashion Fall Friday – 10 Fall Looks from Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez fashion

We all know Selena Gomez is beautiful and talented, but did you know she also has an awesome fashion style. Born in Texas, she first starred on Barney and Friends in 2002 and then went on to star on the Disney Channel in 2006. While she was acting, she formed a band named Selena Gomez and the Scene. 2013 she went solo as a pop singer and released the album Stars Dance and her latest album Revival. I do have to say I love cleaning and starting my day with her music. It just puts me in a good and upbeat mood. Selena is also a fashion designer. Every time I see her on television, a movie, or magazine she always impresses me with her scents of style. From casual day wear to a night on the town, she always looks fabulous. Here are a few looks that would look great this fall with items $50 or less!

Stepping out for the night? Can’t go wrong in this black, leather, pleated skirt and some red lipstick!

Selena Gomez


Simple is sexy! The boots, to me, make this whole outfit!

Selena Gomez
This outfit screams country to me. Wear this to a country concert and look chic as your singing the lyrics!
Selena Gomez
Cute, easy and comfy look for a lunch date with some friends.
Selena Gomez
This would be perfect if you are sight-seeing in a new city. Cute, warm and photo fabulous!
Selena Gomez
 Shout that you are fun and flirty with this colorful outfit!
Selena Gomez
Going to grab a bite to eat and run some errands? Jump into this jumpsuit and get going!
Selena Gomez


Not feeling it that day? Go for this, I don’t care today, hip look!
Selena Gomez
Have a special event and you aren’t sure what to wear. You can never go wrong with black. This black jumper says sexy and sophisticated!
Selena Gomez
Get everyones attention at that fancy dinner or event, with this flashy red dress!
Selena Gomez
These are just a few fun looks, inspired by Selena Gomez. Keep watch on future Fashion Friday’s for even more fun looks inspired by celebs, or just looks I’ve created that I love!

Who are some of your favorite fashion icons?

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