Everything You Need To Know About The Seint Artist Program

What happens when you try a makeup and love it so much…you become an artist. That being said, if you haven’t tried Seint yet…message me and let’s get you color matched. However, that’s not what this post is about, this post is everything you need to know about The Seint Artist Program. Once I started using , I just knew I wanted to be a part of  The Seint Artist Program (formerly known as Maskcara Beauty). This program has truly been such a blessing. It has given me much more than confidence from feeling beautiful, more than financial benefits…it has given me amazing connections with women from all over, that I never would have met had it not been for The Seint Artist program.

If you’ve even had a passing thought of being part of The Seint Artist Program, but want to know what to expect before joining, then you’ve come to the right place! I’ll share all about it and then you can decide if joining The Seint Artist Program, so keep reading to determine if you want to join this amazing sisterhood!

Seint Artist Program Highlights

  • No Sales Minimums to maintain rank. Once you hit a certain rank, you stay there, it does not reset.
  • Earn 20%-40% on all personal sales! You have the opportunity to earn more, by building a team.
  • No Inventory! Seint Corporate does all the shipping and returns
  • Out of Pocket Costs are minimal. Your artist kit ($99, $225 or $450 depending on the kit..more details on that) and $12.95 per month (this covers the cost of your personal Seint site)

How do I learn to become a SEINT Artist?

There are so many resources available once you become a part of The Seint Artist Program. If you join under me, SEINT will notify me and I’ll get all the resources over to you, so you can start your training. I will also set up a call and/or zoom meeting  so I can get to know you  and help you get started. I will also add you to all of the Team Empower (our Seint teamies) chats and resources, plus lots of groups on Facebook and Telegram that are going to have so many resources to help you along the way. I want you to be successful and while a lot of that falls on you and the effort you give, I want to be a source of information and support for you and will do what I can to help you! Who you join under, truly matters, and we have an amazing team!

And if you’re worried that you don’t have the set up…don’t be…I literally Seint from my bed some days and other days I have a 3 foot section in my room, with a TV Tray (hubby works from home remotely, so he has my old set up)

Do SEINT Artists get a discount?

YES!! We receive a 20% discount on ANY SEINT product(s) we want to purchase.

How much commission will I make with SEINT?

You will always make a minimum of 20% on your own sales volume, but remember the more you sell, the higher your commission percents (up to 40%). In order to gain commission from the team you build under you, if you choose to do that, you do have to meet the criteria of your rank, but you will always make commission on YOUR sales volumes. We can get more into that, if you join and get a team built under you!

What experience do I need?

NONE! If you want to work, love this makeup and love sharing it with others, that’s essentially what you need to become an artist. We also get asked if you need schooling or any type of license. The answer to that is no. Just a passion to share this makeup with others and drive is all you need.

Do I have to keep Inventory for customers?

No! SEINT carries all inventory, manages products, exchanges, returns, and even does the shipping. That means you get to keep 100% of your commissions, with only having to put $12.95 back into your business each month (unless you’re like me and want to buy all the things..then you might be putting more than that back into it LOL) to be successful. It’s amazing, y’all!

What are the fees to be a SEINT Beauty Artist?

As mentioned above, you do have a $12.95 monthly back office fee. This is what pays for SEINT to manage your personal website, for you. You don’t have to add images, manage sales, track commissions, etc. SEINT does all that for their artists. And as someone who has been blogging for years, before becoming a SEINT Artist…I can assure you…$12.95 per month is SO REASONABLE. This site, and all that it requires, costs more than that!

The only other cost for you is purchasing your Artist kit. SEINT offers 3 different artist kits that you choose between when you decide to join The SEINT Artist Program (The Essentials Kit, The Basic Kit, & The Pro Kit)

Which SEINT Artist Kit is right for me?

The Essentials Kit. This kit is more for someone who has an established Seint collection OR will solely be doing online matching/parties This is not one you will want if you plan on doing lots of in person parties!

Seint’s Essentials Kit comes with the following items:

  • iiiD Palette 8 (1)
  • Brushes (3)
  • Perfector (1)
  • Brush Cleaner (1)
  • Reusable Rounds (5)
  • Lip Conditioner (1)

Next we have The Basic and The Pro Artist kits. Both of these kits are going to be better for those who have no (or very little) SEINT products. If the $450 kit is something you are able to swing, I highly suggest purchasing it. You will get the most bang for your buck. This is the one I  went with and I only had to fill in a few shades of highlight and contour to get all those shade (these are the main color matching items). If you plan on doing vendor events, in person parties, or have a big network in your local area, it really helps to get the product on the peoples skin and to have multiple colors on hand to get the most precise match. However, the Basic Kit will work just fine, you just don’t get as many brushes, colors, palettes, etc. in it, so you will be a little more limited with in person matches.

Basic Artist Kit – $225.00

The Basic Artist Kit comes with the following items:

  • iiiD palette 4 (2)
  • iiiD palette 12 (1)
  • Brushes (2)
  • Perfector (1)
  • iiiD Makeup Singles (19) **Includes some highlight, contour, lip/cheeks, bronzer, illuminator, and powder*

Pro Artist Kit – $450.00

The Pro Artist Kit comes with the following items:

  • iiiD Palette 18 (1)
  • iiiD Palette 12 (1)
  • iiiD Palette 4 (2)
  • Brushes (6)
  • Creme (1)
  • Perfector (1)
  • Eyeshadows (12)
  • iiiD Makeup singles (23) **Includes some highlight, contour, lip/cheeks, bronzer, illuminator, and powder*
**All artist kits may differ in what shades are included in them**

I am so excited you are considering The Seint Artist Program. The team I am a part of is nothing less than amazing and offers such great support and advice and training on all things SEINT. I will help guide you every step of the way. I know I speak for the rest of Team Empower when I say we love to add confident, hard-working, kind, and inspiring women on our team. My passion is to help every woman I come across become Beautifully Confident and help them simplify their life in both beauty and business!

If this sounds like something you would love to be a part of or if you just would like more info before deciding, send me a text at 850-684-8878 saying “Artist” and let’s chat!  Or if you’re ready to sign up, click the link in the post and click “Become an Artist”, following the prompts (be sure to search Toni Patton, when picking your artist to sign up under) and let’s get you going!

Wishing you an amazing day and don’t forget to stay BEAUTIFULLY CONFIDENT!

**Please note, this article applies to US artist interest only, if you are Canadian and interested in becoming an artist please reach out and we can chat about differences such as prices, regulations, ordering, etc**
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