Easy Halloween Party Snacks For Your Party



Halloween is right around the corner and it’s a fun time for both kids and adults. There will be Halloween parties galore and a big part of the fun is creating easy Halloween party snacks. It’s especially fun if your kids can help make the foods.

Today I have three super easy Halloween party snacks. Fishy Float, Bat Cupcakes, and Graveyard Cake. These are three of the easiest Halloween party snacks to make for your party. Plus, adults and kids alike will enjoy the creepy theme! After picking up Strawberry Fanta, Oreo cookies, Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids along with the ice cream,cake mix, icing, eyeballs, edible headstones and fun extras I had at home, for our Halloween party snacks. Then it was time for my kids and I to head to the kitchen and get started.


First up was the Fishy Float or Foaming Fish Float (whichever name fits your theme better). This drink is basically a soda float with added “yuck” for a Halloween feel. The floating fish are exactly what any good witch or wizard would want in their potion. To add to the Halloween theme we grabbed up some flasks and beakers to make it truly potion like. To create this float you simply scoop 1-2 scoops of Vanilla ice cream into your cauldron (or cup), top with Swedish fish and then pour Strawberry Fanta over the top . The strawberry Fanta, Swedish Fish and Ice Cream make a perfect drinkable float for your Halloween party.


What says Halloween better than a bat? What about an easy to make bat cupcake! This is only cake mix (and what the cake mix requires), icing, little candy eyes and Oreo cookies.


Make cupcakes according to package instructions and once cooled ice with chocolate icing. Then break one Oreo cookie in half and place on each side of cupcake. Place candy eyes and you have an adorable treat to enjoy!


Last, add a little creepy fun to your Halloween menu with this Graveyard Cake! For this use your favorite cake mix (or you can go a little scary and use red velvet), chocolate icing, Oreo cookies, Sour Patch Kids and appropriate graveyard edible treats. Cook cake according to package instructions, while cake is cooking take about ten Oreo cookies and crush to dirt-like texture. Once cake is cooled and iced spread “dirt” over the entire surface of the cake.


Next place edible Halloween decor on top of the dirt to create a graveyard. Once placed I took a Sour Patch kid and had them playing hide-n-go seek from behind the tombstones. I also used them to make a pumpkin head, Dracula and Frankenstein by applying chocolate icing to the Sour Patch Kid and sticking the little edible heads onto them.


Once finished you have a fun and delish cake that kids will love and it’s perfect for class parties or Halloween home parties!


Seriously how cute is that cake! If you want to add a little something that’s not Halloween themed but still easy to make try these Mini S’mores Pie using Pudding Snack packs and two other ingredients.


They are a tasty treat that is easy to add to your Halloween party. Get the full recipe in my post here.

Have a Bootastic Halloween!!!

What are some of your favorite Halloween party snacks?

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