Don’t Ruin The Dress, Just Say No To Panty Lines #GoCommando

Thank you to Cottonelle for giving me the confident clean to #GoCommando!
Form Fitting Dresses

Form fitting dresses are all the rage. They could be on the above the knee side (as seen above) or the full length side like you see at all the award shows. Regardless one thing is for sure, we women, like to flaunt those figures. One thing that is not fun to flaunt is a panty line under those dresses. I know I sure wasn’t going to when I headed to the Big Hero 6 LA Premiere wearing this beauty:

Movie premiere outfit

There are just times that perfect dress requires you to #GoCommando and you definitely want to be feeling (ahem) fresh and clean if you get my drift (pun totally intended). Panty lines are a no-no when you have dresses that are either fitted or are a fabric where you can see the line, it just takes away from your look to have a line showing. Fashionistas, do you feel me?? When I attended both the Delivery Man and Iron Man 3 premieres, the starlets in those movies definitely knew a thing or two about how to #GoCommando! Check out Gwyenth and Jamie in their rockin’ dresses:

Sheer Dresses

Whether you are wearing a latex dress, a spandex dress, a sheer dress, or a form fitting white dress you want to be known for the look…not the lines. That’s why using the best products is required. So how can you feel comfortable and #GoCommando?


Using Cottonelle Clean Ripple toilet paper, helps you to get a clean you can be confident in. If you need a little extra then pick up the Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths and dare to wear your dresses sans undies!

Head over to the Cottonelle website and get your own #GoCommando free sample, so you can wear those form fitting and sheer dresses with confidence…and no panty lines! You can even dare your friend to Go Commando with you, and they will get a kit too! They think you’ll feel so clean you’ll be confident to #GoCommando before you know it!

Have you ever had any dressed that you needed to #GoCommando under?

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