Does politic talk on blogs

Turn you off, there are so many blogs in my reader and today I have been so annoyed with some of them b/c it has been nothing but Candidate pushing and/or bashing. I don’t care one way or another who you are voting for but being pushy and saying this candidate will ruin our country or this one is against women, yada yada yada has made me unsubscribe to several blogs today. I get blogs are a place to voice your opinion but when the bashing begins that is when it gets annoying. So those are my deep thoughts for today. How do you feel about candidate bashing on a blog?


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    If the slamming is on my blog I’m fine with it. If the slamming is on friends’ blogs I’ll deal with it b/c I know their personalities and how impassioned they really are. If it’s a random blog then they better be slamming on the correct candidate. I know that’s not fair, but I’m pretty partisan.

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    LOL Vicki I think you are my twin

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    I’m with you on the bashing. It gets WAY under my skin when I hear cruel words about one candidate or party Vs. the other.

    In all honesty, I’m really tired of the WHOLE election this time around. It seems it’s been going on for EVER! Today was a bit of a heat up though with John McCain’s pick. Don’t you think?

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    Sara I noticed that too, I mean alot of the posts popped up after the annoucement of McCain’s VP. I guess that did heat up some things but even though I am a McCain supporter I will not bash Obama and say why I think he should not be president. That is my personal opinion and who am I to push it on others. Did that make sense LOL

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    I agree with you Toni. I don’t think people should bash. i think it’s OK for them to state their opinion and why they came to that conclusion, but don’t bad mouth the other people. Everyone has a right to their opinion, we live in AMERICA after all. That’s one of the wonderful benefits our country has- we can have our own opinion. Just because people don’t have the same idea, doesn’t make them a bad person. Granted I do like to hear good things about the canidate I’m supporting, but didn’t our ancestors fight and die for the right of freedom of opinion?

    I agree with Sara, it is taking so long, and I just want it over at this point, with my canidate as president! 🙂

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    I did not make a post, if I did I may point out why *I* think MCcain will not be a better pick to be President, but I would not bash in terms of saying “He is an idiot” or whatever. I would stick to facts, or what I percieve as facts. If I saw a blog just throwing out unkind names, I would most likely not visit them in the future.

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    I ABHOR politics in real life conversations and on blogs, I tend to skip right over them.

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    I guess it does bother me some because I hate the negativity. But I do respect that people have strong feelings and I actually like to read what others think because I don’t know what *I* think, yet!

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    eh…. not my cup of tea! it is one of those hot topics I choose not to start, but to each their own. I remember growing up if someone asked my mom who she was voting for she would say " Pee Wee Herman"! She is so old school, she believes it is no ones business!
    HA HA HA & @@!

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    I understand it is current news and everyone is interested to some degree, but I personally don’t want to read about it.

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    Single Mom Seeking

    I agree about the bashing… and I’m glad you didn’t take my recent post as candidate bashing. My intention is to talk about the issues. For me today, that means talking about what an abstinence-only education might mean for our country’s teens.

    You and I will have teens in such a short time!

    Thanks for chiming in on my blog!