Do you ever wonder what to do with hairbows…

that you have for your little girl? I know I do, my little girls has so many hairbows and aside from throwing them in a drawer to eventually get smushed (yes i said it and no it is not a typo). Well I have come across the perfect solution, not only is it a way to get those bows out of the drawer, it also will make them so easily accessible that you can just glance and grab what you need. One more plus is that they are absolutely beautiful. Bambina Ballerina makes the most beautiful, elegant bowholders I have ever seen.

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These amazing bowholders are made each one by hand, by a stay at home mom who enjoys both business and motherhood. The time and care that goes into each one of these is worth more than the amount you actually pay. Not only are their premade designs in large and mini sizes, Bambina Ballerina also offers “build your own” bowholders, so anything you can dream up (within reason, platinum bowholders are a bit hard to come by) she can make.

When visiting Bambina Ballerina not only will you get to enjoy feasting your eyes on the amazing details of each bowholder, you will also come across links that take you to some of the cutest online hairbow boutiques every (we can all use more of those) and links that teach you how to make your own. The owner also keeps a personal blog so you can get to know a bit more about her and what the goings on in her life are.

If you are lucky enough to get to stop by Bambina Ballerina soon there are two contests going on. The first is a design your own bowholder contest and if you win you will get to have your bowholder come to life . The second contest is a reveal contest, which means a new bowholder will be revealed. In both of these contests you will have the chance to win one of these amazing bowholders.

I am so happy to have come across Bambina Ballerina and to know that I am supporting a fellow mom is just icing on the cake. So please take time to venture over and see what you can get for the little princess in your life.

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