Cord Blood Banking, Being Prepared For The What Ifs


When I became a parent it was easy to know I was going to have to deal with cuts, scrapes, and broken hearts, but what if I had to deal with something unexpected? What if I had to deal with an issue that’s much more serious? A life threatening issue.

Cord blood banking is a way to ease the mind of a parent for the just in case. If I had thought about it with my children I would have banked their cord blood, as well as the placenta, to be prepared for those what ifs.

With a newborn we don’t want to think about the horrible things that could happen, we want to bask in the happiness and that’s what we should do.   However, it is great to be prepared, not only for your child, but for family as well. Cord blood doesn’t just benefit the new baby in the family it can also help family members who are affected with certain diseases.

My brother had leukemia when he was 18 months and that is one of the things cord blood can be used to help treat (among many other diseases).    The stem cells found in cord blood are what doctors use for certain treatments so banking your child’s cord blood as well as the placenta you have a head start should you need one.  By the way, he is healthy and in remission still to this day.

Sure, we don’t want to believe anything bad will happen to our child, but isn’t it better to be prepared if you need to deal with something unexpected.  Rates are getting more and more affordable for families so this is an option that is able to be done more often.  Whether you are pregnant or just thinking about future children make sure you consider cord blood banking, it could  end up saving the life of someone you love.

**This post brought to you by LifeBankUSA.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    I love the idea of preparedness. I just wish it was more affordable!

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    I would have loved to be able to afford to bank my kiddos’ cord blood. It was just TOO pricey back then.