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Hi Thayne, my name is Toni and I am a social media mom who is a long time iPhone owner has just jumped into the iPad market.  As a new iPad owner I have a few questions on cases and maybe even a few questions on iPhone protection too at another time.  I would love to get your opinion on items to use with my iPad.  Please start by introducing yourself so my readers know where the items mentioned in this question/answer session can be found.

Hey Toni, we at are excited to work with you and all of the followers of A Daily Dose of Toni! Congrats on the new iPad, you are going to love it!   My name is Thayne and I help businesses, moms, and whoever, find the best cases for their specific situation.  There are thousands of options out there and it can get overwhelming. In the Apple store, you only find the smart cover which is limited in usability and protection.   We sell the premium accessories specifically for Apple products and have already narrowed down our brands and products to what we believe to be the best.

Being a social media mom I am constantly on the go, what is an item you would suggest for iPad portability so I can have it with me when that perfect blogging opportunity arises.  Something that will keep it safe & sound, and keeping it with me.  It would help if it’s cute too (though that’s just a personal preference LOL) while still looking professional. Is there something specific you would suggest for that?  Also, there are times when I am working on my laptop and instead of pulling my email up in another tab it’s easier to pull up on my iPad and be able to look at it while I am working on my laptop.  What would be something I could use to make that easier to do rather than trying to prop my iPad on something?

Like you say, the iPad is so great in that you can take it anywhere and quickly access information.  I too often use my iPad as a second screen to read or look at things while working on my computer.  Sometimes I even stream a sports event during work and prop it next to my computer.  After two generations of iPads, case makers have perfected the all around case that can do all that you are looking for.  A folio style case can prop up as second screen, fold over in type mode, or be used like an open book. Some of our favorite folio cases are the Mophie WorkBookIncase Book Jacket SelectSpeck FitFolio, and the Sena Folio Genuine Leather Case. All of the iPad 2 folio cases are about the same in functionality but really differ in colors and styles.  All four brands are designer type tech brand but range from a retro style of the brand Mophie to a European leather made by Sena.

As I mentioned I am a social media mom, a blogger, so there are times I am out and about and an idea comes to me and I want to be able to remember it.  To write a note down, is there something you would suggest for those of us who, while we love our iPad’s, still like to have a pen and paper occasionally when an idea hits?

I totally know what you mean.  For the first few months with my iPad, I loved taking it into meetings and to be able to quickly looks things up and be on the ball.  The iPad 2 became a meeting must, except for that it just lacked the note taking.  There are several note type Apps but nothing is like a pen and notepad to quickly jot down thoughts. Finally the perfect case has come out called the Booq Booqpad for iPad 2.  This case is book style case but includes a ipad sized notepad on the case.  We also sell the notepad options of grid, blank, color, and web layout.  This is excellent for working on web design, taking notes in a meeting, or just sketching for fun, while using your ipad, all in one case.

Screen protection is a must, I have 3 kids so  I want the very best thing to keep my screen protected from scratches and all the other things that can happen when kids are playing on my iPad.  They also love to watch movies on my iPad, is there a stand that would be good for them to use when watching a movie to keep it upright, something that’s kid friendly?  Also is there a stand with a way to make the sound louder?

As far a screen protection goes, Zagg is definitely the best!  They make what is called the InvisibleShield for iPad 2 which protects your screen from kids with keys or sharp toys. A screen protector is great and gives you peace of mind when your kids are playing with your iPad.  If your kids really want to get wild, Speck makes a kid ipad case called the Speck iGuy Standing Cover for iPad.  The iGuy is like a big toy with the iPad inside that will protect your iPad from the most destructive kids in the world (obviously not the case for your well behaved children). You are going to see that road trips become much smoother with the kids being entertained by the iPad.  Griffin makes a great a case for movie watching on the go, called the Griffin CinemaSeat.  This case includes straps that go over the head read and let your 3 kids watch their favorite movie without having to create a jimmy rig set up while traveling.  There are several cables that allow you to hook up your iPad to the car or home speakers so that the sound is louder.  Several companies are working on cases or stands to help with sound, but we are still not particularly impressed.  Hopefully by the next iPad, there will be a great speaker like ipad case.

The list can go on and on, from iPad purses, to indestructible cases, to a hanger kitchen case.   Our site is set up so that you can choose from brands and style categories to help you narrow down the best cases.  The youtube videos also help you if the particular case is really what you want.  As far as your needs Toni, I know just what I want to send for your usability, cute, professional, and kid friendly iPad 2 case! Enjoy!!

Want to know what Thayne sent me to review…guess you’ll have to watch the video below:

I absolutely love Incase’s Book Jacket Select that I was sent. Durable, professional, cute, and handles my kids a perfect iPad 2 case for me. Definitely gets A Daily Dose’s Stamp of Approval.

In case you didn’t watch the video here are the features of the Incase Book Jacket Select (taken from site), a pebbled texture for a premium look and feel, an enhanced suede liner, and new position rails that securely prop up your iPad. With the same dependable protection and enhanced functionality of OutfitYours.Com’s bestselling Book Jacket (known as the Convertible Book Jacket for the original iPad). The Select model opens to convert into a stand with three viewing positions and has a low-profile working angle that’s perfect for comfortable typing. A durable elastic band secures it closed for easy carrying. As well as the added precision-cut camera hole so it’s a snap to take pictures with your iPad 2 still safely protected.

Keep this in mind for the iPad addict in your life when you are buying this holiday season and if this isn’t a good fit OutfitYours is sure to have something to fit their style.

Disclosure: I did receive the product(s) featured in this post free of charge for sole purpose of review. Product reception does not nor will it ever influence my views on the product. No monetary compensation was received. For more on my policies please see my disclosure.

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    I love this jacket for the iPad! I have a travel case and a regular case and they really protect my iPad! If only mine were pink!