Christmas 2007

Well we had quite a wonderful Christmas. Here are a few pictures of presents, stockings, Santa stuff, Bella and a family picture. We had so much stuff to bring home. These were taken at my mother in laws house after doing Christmas at her house in the morning we headed to her mom’s house and got a ton more presents there.

The kids definitely made out like bandits, finally today almost a week after Christmas you can see my living room floor. We have tents set up in the kitchen, a half way finished trampoline in the back yard, an electric scooter all charged up and ready to be ridden today, baby dolls galore, transformers all over the floor, an easel to draw, and cars to be raced. They got a ton of clothes so they dont’ need anything bought for the next year LOL.

Brent and I both got some clothes and money, my 2 favorite things! I got enough to buy myself the iphone I have been eying for the last several months! All in all it was a wonderful Christmas. I want to shout out thanks to all the KC ladies for the very thoughtful cards, to my mom, dad and papa for the gift cards, my maw and paw for the money, the patton grandparents, Lisa, and Ken for money, Erin for the gift card, Ron for the very thoughtful card and Chris and Ladye for their very generous gift as well, and momo for the thoughtful cards and gifts she gave, I don’t think I left anyone out but if i did I sincerley apologize and know that your gift was very much loved. I appreciate every gift given to me and my children and we treasure each and every person that is a part of our lives.

This is the last day of 2007 and i can with upmost certainty say I have been very blessed this year. Yes, we had hard times but the blessings that always came with them never ceased to amaze me. I hope you all had as wonderful as a year as I have.

2008 Here we come.

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