To Dance Or To Dance? That Is The Real Question #Music #Dance

Those are my very first ballet shoes, I still have them to this day and will have them until the day I no longer walk this earth.  They represent such a big part of my life and who I was, am and will be as long as I can keep on keeping on.  I adore dancing.  Lately I have been listening to some amazing songs that I really want to put routines too and so I figured I would share them with you. Read More »»

Coastal Life: Taste Of The Beach 9/15 & 9/16 #GulfCoast #Travel #Food

I love living on the Gulf Coast and I also love food.  Lucky for me, Pensacola Beach combines both this weekend.  On September 15 & 16, 2012 on Pensacola Beach, Florida you can enjoy the sand, sun and great food from local restaurants.  The 5th annual Tast of the Beach is where local chefs showcase some of their yummy (and I mean YUMMY) appetizers, main meals, desserts, and drinks.  If you are Read More »»

Music That Inspires Me To Work…The Fray

I am a big fan of music (taking dance for 15 years will do that to one I assume). I always have some music playing in the background. I love different songs for different things. I love showtunes when I am wanting to be goofy, rap and hard rock when I am working out, christian music most of the days, and lately when I work I put one song on repeat. I have no idea why this song pushes me to get Read More »»

What Music Do I Listen To?

What music do I not listen to would be an easier question to answer? I listen to christian/inspirational daily because it really just always encourages my heart. I am constantly dancing around to some awesome hair bands and bubblegum pop. I have a secret love for may have seen me bust out "Jump, Jump" on video before or make my own rap lyrics LOL. Music is a big part of my life so I'll Read More »»

The Wanted Interview, Ice Age 4 & iTunes Gift Card Giveaway (WINNER ANNOUNCED) #IceAge

Ice Age 4 is just around the corner with the release set for July 13 and recently I had a chance to interview The Wanted, whose single "Chasing The Sun" is the title track for the film. I have to admit my inside tween came out when I had the chance to interview The Wanted. Who doesn't love a cute boy band and the fact their single is the title track for one of my kids favorite movie series is Read More »»

Rock of Ages Red Carpet Live Stream

Starting at 8:45 eastern time tonight you can catch the Rock Of Ages red carpet live stream with performances by Def Leppard and Poison. Check what you should see tonight during the event: WHAT: On Friday, June 8th, event production and live streaming company, NowLive together with Warner Bros. Pictures, will stream the official red carpet premiere and live after party for Rock of Ages fans Read More »»