Happy New Year!!! Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!!

Happy New Year from A Daily Dose of Toni! 2012 was a year of ups and downs but it was a year that I grew.   Here are a few things that stood out, for me, in  2012: I learned what Pinterest Is Really Good For! I made it through life's storms. My daughter tried to talk me into doing her Read More »»

Music That Inspires Me To Work…The Fray

I am a big fan of music (taking dance for 15 years will do that to one I assume). I always have some music playing in the background. I love different songs for different things. I love showtunes when I am wanting to be goofy, rap and hard rock when I am working out, christian music most of the Read More »»

Praying For A Hurricane To Hit…Are You Serious!!!

I was carousing The Weather Channel's facebook page when I came across this comment that really made my jaw drop: The guy eventually deleted it after it had stretched on for quite a few comments with him trying to defend his stance when I could do nothing but shake my head. I, being a bit nosey, Read More »»

What Do I Have Hidden (Or Not So Hidden) In My House….

Well, come on in and see.  Trisha from MomDot hosted a linky and everyone participating went through their house snapping pictures to show a little bit more about who they are.  Lately it seems all I am doing is work and more work...which is GREAT but I do want to keep it personal.  So today you get Read More »»

I’m Not A Big Complainer…

Usually... But today... Ack, it's just been one of those super emotional draining days for several reasons and so YES I posted complaints on facebook LOL.   You know those people who always annoy us with complaints today that was me just going ahead and apologizing for it now.  Tomorrow will be Read More »»

I Lost “It” In A Tent And I’m Going To Tell My Kids

Obviously not today, my oldest is 12 so soon we will be having the dreaded discussions. I am lucky in the fact my boys are a bit on the immature side so I have been able to avoid some talk (minus the changes and all that jazz) thus far. My oldest will be 13 in exactly six months from tomorrow so the Read More »»

It’s Official I am A Horrible Mom

Why am I a horrible mom or in the term "worst mom ever and I wish you weren't my mom" as said by my son this morning? Because I made him go to school. Something he has done the last 7 almost 8 years has me coined the worst mom ever. He found out his aunt's were staying home today because one was Read More »»

Struggling To Push Through This Blogging Rut…

Blogging is no easy task, I think every blogger who is serious about it, giving their all, and working their butts off like I do can attest to that. Right now I am just in one of those blogging ruts where no matter what I do it doesn't seem to be enough or nothing is working out, coming in and it Read More »»

A Little Sad

Lesson learned.

The Middle School Dance…I Went In To Chaperone and Came Out Scarred For Life

A little over a week ago I volunteered to chaperone a middle school dance that was held to raise money for Project Graduation (an alcohol & drug free after graduation celebration). I love helping for a good cause and had always wondered what went on at the middle school dances, especially since Read More »»

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