National Geographic Kids 1,000 Facts About the Bible Review + Giveaway

I want to make sure my kids are interested in what they learn at church, to be informed. Sometimes, that's hard because it can get boring to teach facts from a book that is sometimes hard to understand. That's where National Geographic Kids "1,000 Facts About the Bible" comes in handy. It is an Read More »»

The ESV Action Bible Study Bible For Tweens and Teens

ESV Action Bible Study Bible Review Recently, I was sent The ESV Action Bible Study Bible from Family Christian. I will go ahead and let you know, this is going to be a very photo heavy post, because I really want to show you why this is perfect for getting those tweens/teens excited to get Read More »»

Faith Talk With Toni: Trusting Gods Through Frustrations

Trusting God through frustration isn't always easy.  Here is what He laid on my heart, this morning, to share with you! Will you trust him through the frustrations? Just imagine how much we will grow if we can trust Him even when things aren't going the way we thought or hoped they would! I Read More »»

Veggie Tales Noah’s Ark Review + $10 Gift Certificate Giveaway

At church, I am blessed to be the children's church teacher most of the time. One of my favorite ways to make a lesson fun is to weave a Veggie Tales video into it. We love Veggie Tales for their positive teachings and it's a great way to get kids to really be interested in the lesson. So, when Read More »»

Refresh Your Prayer Life With Max Lucado’s Before Amen's such an important part of my daily life, but I admit, sometimes I feel like I don't know what to do or say. I feel like maybe my prayers aren't good enough. So, when I was asked if I wanted to review Max Lucado's "Before Amen" The Power of A Simple Prayer, I, of course said yes. I feel Read More »»

One Year Through The Bible Reading Plan: Week 1 (1/1/15-1/7/15)

One of my goals for 2015 it to really read the Bible.  Don't get me wrong, I have read and studied a lot of it, but not the whole thing. So, I thought it would be great to do a Bible Reading plan that would have be read the Bible in one year. I know there are hidden nuggets that I have been missing Read More »»

Lessons We Can Learn From The Duggar Family

#477889565 / There is always a lot of talk surrounding the Duggar family, and while I won't personally have 19 children, I have to say I admire the way that family runs. I see complaints about the way they choose to live their lives, when I think we should all take a lesson (or a Read More »»

Grudges and Unforgiveness…Who Are They Really Hurting?

I woke up this morning, and in fact have woken up the last week, completely out of character. The past week or so, I have been feeling very inadequate and insecure due to a situation.  In return, I began to get anxiety, anger, depressed, the wall immediately begin to spring up and I started to hold Read More »»

Veggie Tales: Celery Night Fever, First Look!

Veggie Tales has been a staple in our lives for years and years. We are always looking forward to seeing what they come up with next. We have never been disappointed, every video is always entertaining and teaches a great lesson, which is why I have high expectations for their upcoming "Celery Night Read More »»

Dangerous Prayers Book Review, Are You Ready To Pray Dangerously?

There are times I have been at a loss when it comes to sitting down and praying specifically.  Now, I know God loves anytime we spend with Him and he loves to love on us whether we know what to pray or not.  There are times I can flow freely in my prayer time and I know I have a great prayer life Read More »»

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