Caramel Fun: Turtle Style & Butterfinger Style Caramel Apples

What You need to make caramel apples

Recently the kids and I made some yummy, outside of the normal toppings, caramel apples. I loved the simplicity of these and to be completely honest, they were divine. We will start with a photo story and below will be the recipe!

The supplies & first steps:
caramel apple toppings

The melting, dipping & topping:
Caramel apples

This process was as easy as 1,2,3! Okay so maybe it was a few more steps than that but it was one of the easiest moments I’ve had in the kitchen lately. My kids loved having a hands on part in making the apples. We ventured out of the normal caramel only or caramel with nuts and headed into turtle style and Butterfinger style caramel apples. If you are a Butterfinger fan I highly suggest trying this out, your taste buds will approve.

Caramel apples
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Caramel Fun: Turtle Style & Butterfinger Style Caramel Apples

A fun easy snack the kids will love this fall.
Servings 6
Author Toni


  • Craft sticks
  • 6 apples red or green whichever you prefer
  • 1 14 ounce bag of caramel candies
  • 2 tbsp milk
  • Peanuts
  • Mini chocolate chips
  • Butterfinger bars


  1. Unwrap and put all caramel candies into microwavable bowl
  2. Stick craft stick 3/4 way into apples
  3. Crush peanuts if whole and put in pan along with mini chocolate chips
  4. Crush Butterfinger bar and put in pan
  5. Microwave caramel candies 2 minutes (stirring every 30 seconds) until smooth
  6. Allow to cool a little
  7. Dip apples coating in caramel
  8. Roll in topping
  9. Set to cool on wax paper

Recipe Notes

I suggest spraying the wax paper with a bit of cooking spray to avoid sticking.
If you live in an area where it is hot and humid put in fridge to cool so caramel and toppings don't slide off.
Yes I made that mistake in a batch

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    4 stars
    ohmygosh! Toni I love caramel apples-these look sooo good. I’ve tried to make them in the past and failed miserably, but you’ve inspired me!

    • 2

      Definitely try them. It took us a few tries to get get them right. You should have seen when I let them cool on the countertop and the topping slid off into a big pile on the bottom (or top when you pick it up) of the apple LOL. With our weather here I learned to put them in the fridge and let the caramel cool a bit ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. 3

    YUM! We love to do additional toppings with ours as well.

    • 4

      I have no idea what made me think to do Butterfinger ๐Ÿ™‚ I just on a whim wanted some butterfingers and thought hmm, woo hoo for cravings ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. 5

    Oh yum! The turtle style ones are to die for!

  4. 6

    I want to eat one of those NOW and it’s 8 am lol.

  5. 7

    I LOVE caramel apples! This sounds delicious!

  6. 8

    Oh. No. Why did you have to print this? I love caramel apples and your recipes looks so easy that I’m going to have to try to make them now. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Emily from Nap Time Is My Time

  7. 9

    That looks awesome!

  8. 10

    5 stars

  9. 11

    These look so good I have to try them. Might try some with crushed up Heath of Skor bars

  10. 12

    oh my gosh those look amazing.

  11. 13

    Girlllll – you are bad. Very bad! But dang these look good!

  12. 14

    Those look SO good!

  13. 15

    my fav apples

  14. 16

    That looks so good, Toni!

  15. 17

    5 stars
    These look sooo good! I’d like to make them for a church fair!! They look so festive and fun to eat!