Let Mom Escape with Cafe Breaks + Mother’s Day Sweepstakes

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Motherhood keeps me busy, but that doesn’t even count all the other hats I wear. Wife, Mom, Cheer Coach, Chef, Taxi Driver, Housekeeper…the list could go on. There are very few minutes in each day when I am not running around doing this or that for my family unless you count sleeping but that’s sort of for them too, right? Because if I didn’t sleep, I couldn’t do all that I need to do to take care of them like I do.

Being the wearer of many hats also means I don’t often take time for myself. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve enjoyed an uninterrupted shower in the last 18 years, since becoming a mom. However, I wouldn’t have it any other way, because I love being a mom and all the busyness that comes with it. Being busy doesn’t mean I don’t need a moment to escape, those moments just tend to have to be a few minutes at a time…or an hour if I am lucky, which is why I love Cafe Breaks. They are perfect for those short, but much-needed escapes moms need here and there.

So, I went to my local Walmart and saw them next to the other pudding, but was instantly intrigued when I noted it was a coffee-inspired treat I just knew I had to try it and the price, well it was right. Cafe Breaks are made with milk (it’s the first ingredient), they are gluten free, only have 100 calories or less per serving, they are shelf stable, have no preservatives and are made right here in the USA! Yummy without the guilt!

I can enjoy my Mocha Latte Cafe Breaks on the beach while I relax and escape from the hustle and bustle of my busy day….

Or I can take a few minutes and destress with some of my adult coloring books while snacking on the Caramel Latte Cafe Breaks…

I love that I can enjoy a tasty treat without the guilt and take a little time for myself, even if it’s only a five-minute escape!

Cafe Breaks are the perfect way to tell mom to take some time for herself and with Mother’s Day right around the corner, doesn’t she deserve an escape! Why not make it a tasty escape with Cafe Breaks!

Even better, right now Cafe Breaks is having a Spa Weekend with Mom Sweepstakes! Enter for your chance to win one of the following prizes:

  • 1 $500 Spafinder gift card + a case of Café Breaks
  • 2 $100 Visa gift cards + a case of Café Breaks

To enter, use the form below and until the sweepstakes closes, feel like a winner when you escape with Cafe Breaks.

Café Breaks Spa Weekend with Mom

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